Leia Apps can't display SBS stereo images?

When I open a SBS stereo photo, it runs img2depth under the hood and adds fake depth to the actual stereo photos instead of displaying them.

Whats this _2x1 suffix? Will that force it to do the right thing if an image ends with that str?

Hey Chris,

Is this in LeiaPlayer specifically?

LeiaPlayer usually detects SBS 3D photos automatically and plays them back properly.

If it doesn’t, you can either add _2x1 to the end of the filename and that will tell LeiaPlayer that the file is a 3D image, or you can tap the ellipsis button in the top right and use the 3D file tagging feature to do it more easily.

The 3D•AI conversion should only be done on 2D images when you press the “3D” button in the bottom right. Otherwise for 3D images it should just play back in 3D automatically without any conversion.

Adding _2x1 seems to work great! Thanks! Some images you all added the suffix automatically to were broken. I deleted them and found out that the files were edited in place, a new file wasn’t generated.