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I’ve found how to set PROSBS which is great. I would like to convert some previous images to sbs format and would love instructions.

Also, I don’t know if this is the right place to make feature requests, but I would like to suggest that the player editor respect that setting, allowing users to save any 3D image as sbs.

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Hello @cutelyaware,
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Based on how I’ve interpreted these words, I’m thinking that the answer you’re probably looking for is, “_2x1”.

On any SBS. Image, let’s say the filename is, “3Dimage.jpg”, if you edit the filename to include, “_2x1”, after the filename and before, “.jpg”, in this example: “3Dimage.jpg”, would become, “3Dimage_2x1.jpg”, you should find that Leia Player will render the image as stereo pairs.
(Some SBS. Images do better than others.).

Hopefully, I’ve interpreted the question correctly.
Although I have a feeling that we may be able to help more, if we knew which format you were wanting to convert to SBS.

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Sorry, I meant that I am trying to extract SBS image pairs from stereo images taken with the H1 before I learned about the camera app upgrade that includes the PROSBS option. One is named IMG_20200614_19434829.jpg and displays correctly in stereo on the device, but on anything else it just looks like a single mono image. It’s 4 MB which is twice the size of the 2D image the camera produces, so the second image should be in there somewhere. I just haven’t found a way to extract it.

The suggestion I am making would allow users to get the player’s built-in editor to respect PROSBS and save edited images out in _2x1 format. That way people with images in whatever format this is will have a path to exporting simple SBS versions.

Thanks for your attention.

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Hi @cutelyaware
The regular H4V files contain the stereo information in the jpeg image metadata. You can view these as regular photos on any device and as multi-view on the Hydrogen One. The depth metadata is not enough to reconstruct a second 4K image for SBS.

In 4V mode, by hitting the gear icon in the camera app you can access the settings and tap on the Pro SBS 4K icon. This will activate or deactivate the SBS option.

H4V Pro image files contain the suffix _2x1 before the .jpeg extension and record stereo image data.

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I understand that, though I didn’t know the second image does not exist in full resolution (whyever not??) All I’m suggesting is that the built-in editor respect the PROSBS setting and save out the best 2x1 image you can produce, even if that involves scaling up the lower resolution eye. Another alternative would be a stand-alone tool that performs that conversion. I simply find it very disappointing that there is no supported way to extract L/R images from a native stereo image format.

Thank you,

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Although I still suspect that I’m misunderstanding something here, I’ll try to be helpful:

Renaming the filename seems to work alright, although, maybe a macro button to automatically rename the files would streamline the process for some.

When I upload any images to anywhere other than Holopix, the image is naturally presented as two frames, if you like, for left and right, within the one image.
(As it does when I open the image within photoshop.).
To extract the two images, surely it’s a simple crop and save for each side.

I understand that you’re using Leia Player, however, during the development, Leia prioritised features which other (accessible) software didn’t do.
As a result, everything you can do with snapseed, for example, was not prioritied as features for the Leia Player.

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There is a stand-alone tool, currently in development by a fellow member here.

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Greg points out that’s in the works, so that would be great. These are not SBS images, and renaming them doesn’t affect 3rd party software. (How could it?) Renaming only appears useful in the opposite direction when downloading SBS images onto the phone to be displayed there. I don’t know what that means but if my suggestion is impractical, then just ignore it. -Melinda

When PRO mode is activated captures are stored in SBS. I’m making SBS photos with Hydrogen since beginning, and I can use that SBS directly on other 3D devices.
Maybe you DEactivated Pro mode instead activating it??

I bought a refurbished phone on Ebay and the camera app did not have the pro SBS option. I only learned that through the discussion group that there was an update available to do that. Otherwise I’d have been sunk.

Maybe you have pre-production device for testers. Look if there’s any update on system settings.

System settings say it’s up to date, but the camera app is separate, right? Once I updated the app, I had the SBS option.