MPO Stereo images on Lume Pad 2

MPO stereo images taken with the Fuji W3 usually displayed correctly on the original Lume Pad. I just received my new Lume Pad 2. I’m very impressed for the most part, but most of my MPO files do NOT display correctly in the new version of LeiaPlayer. Is there a way to fix this? Or will LeiaPlayer be updated to display standard stereo images like it did before?

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Hey @Sulpicius, the way we display content is different on the Lume Pad 2. There’s a convergence value we’re choosing for images, and for wide-baseline content like the FujiFilm FinePix W3, that value doesn’t work right. However, we identified a few weeks ago that it seems like the camera bakes a convergence value into the files, and if we can dynamically read that, we can display them even better than we did on Lume Pad 1.

Our CV Team is working on this for our 3D image decoder library now. Please be patient as we roll it out into a future update.

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Thanks for your fast response! I was wondering if StereoPhoto Maker could be used to convert MPO files to a format that would work with the LP2? If so, how should I configure it?

The format is fine, but it’s the way we’re choosing the convergence value. You could in theory convert it to an SBS and manually bake in various convergence values until you find one that looks good on your device.

I understand. However, I did discover a workaround! If you run the MPO files through StereoPhoto Maker Pro using the auto alignment feature and save them as SBS in the JPS format, they display perfectly on the LP2! Having said that, I do have to admit that the LightField 3D conversion feature on the new Leia Player produces amazing results!


Thanks for the info - made my day…