Legacy 3D equipment

I own older 3D camera equipment such as: Samsung NX300 with the Samsung 2D/3D Lens and a Sony HDR TD20v Stereo Camcorder. I am interested in porting photos (.mpo) and videos (.mts) over to the Lume Pad 2. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

This is one of the MPOs that causes a lot of problems. You can try to just open it in LeiaPlayer, but it probably won’t work. This is because the MPOs taken with it actually have 4 embedded images and it’s not really possible to identify which images are ones that should be decoded. So LeiaPlayer only supports 2-view MPO files. You can try to convert them to standard MPOs and then they should work.

MPOs taken with the camcorder should work by default as well.

These you should convert to SBS, then they will play back on Lume Pad 2.