Very dissapointed

I bought the Lume Pad basically for watch 3D *.mkv movies (I have about 1Tb), and for watch *.mpo photographs.

1000€ later, don’t to neither.

In fact, the app for watching movies that I use in my Hydrogen one (mpv 3D), in Hydrogen one works perfect, but in the Lume Pad doesn’t work.

The same with *.mpo in Leia viewer.

I hope fix that in the near future.

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@205rallye Both the original Lume Pad and the Lume Pad 2 support both MKV and MPO files in LeiaPlayer.

Certain codec formats within the MKV container, especially audio, may not work. But the video should usually play.

MPO works without issue. Please make sure your apps are fully up to date.


My MKVs work well, are you running from the internal storage? Make sure you are, the SD card isn’t supported yet.


Yes. I’m running from internal storage. That’s another issue. 3D movies are very large for the internal storage. This is a catastrophic error.

The apps are up to date. MPO’s are like having an incorrect parallage.

MKV´s are defocused and without 3D effect. With the Hydrogen one, the Rokit IO 3D pro, and my Philips and LG TV’s, there’s no problem.

I don’t understand. I’ll continue testing it.

So MPOs play back in 3D but have the wrong convergence? That is a known bug we’re working on and should be fixed in the next couple of updates. For now you can convert to JPS or SBS and the image will play back correctly.

I don’t know what you mean by “defocused”. Are they playing back in 3D or not? Is it just the 3D focus which is the issue?

If you reach out to we can gather your feedback and try to fix the problems.

Have you set the 3D tag when you open a video for the first time? top right options, set SBS type

It only can play SBS? Don’t play HOU?

Try mpv-4v

I have found it generally works better than the official Leia player, no offense to Leia.

I guess not (yet) for Lumepad II… :slight_smile: As you say, MPV solves many problems in both H1 and Lumepad1: for example for some reason videos converted from my Fujifilm in full size sbs mp4 look somehow with slightly wrong aspect ratio in Leiaplayer but perfectly in MPV.

On Hydrogen one works perfect. On Lume Pad 2, not. It’s like viewing a 3D movie on a normal 3DTV, but without glasses.

MPO work correctly on original Lumepad but will not work correctly on my new device and the new device is fully updated

@Rburley Do MPO files open in LeiaPlayer, LeiaPix, and LeiaFrame?

The way I am viewing the MPO files on my new device and on my original Lumepad is from a USB pen. On my original lumepad they work with out a problem , I am reading the MPO file from a USB pen on the USB port going to open with files taping on the MPO file, the original Lumepad opens in perfect 3D the new device shows a sort of double image

Do they open?

Hi I will try them later today, I have been reading the MPO files from USB pen, this works correctly on the original Lumepad but not on the new device

USB devices aren’t supported in LeiaPlayer for either device. Please put the MPO files on the device’s internal storage and it will work.

Ok I will try that as soon as possible, what about putting the MPO files on the SD card which I have installed

I downloaded the MPO file from a PC to the new device to file browser and download folder, ran the file, still the same double image, download the MPO file to the original Lumepad to file browser to download folder, ran the file it showed correct in good 3D. Please can this problem be resolved

As mentioned, we’re aware of an issue, just wanted to make sure the files opened in LeiaPlayer which you confirm they do.

Until the update is ready, you can edit the 3D Focus of the MPO and turn it into an LIF which will allow you to improve the convergence.

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