How to watch 3D movies on the Lume Pad?

I’ve had the RED Hydrogen One for a while and converted lots of 3D movies to watch on it. Just today, I bought a Lume Pad. I thought I could take my micro SD card out of the RED Hydrogen One and put it in the Lume Pad and have the same movies just work, but apparently the Lume Pad has no SD card slot in it. Why.

So, I get a USB-C card reader and plug it in to the Lume Pad’s USB-C slot. This gives me a stupid message about needing to format the same SD card that I know works because it just came out of another Android device. Why.

Also, LeiaPlayer doesn’t have network support, so I can’t watch movies stored on other devices on my network in order to work around this device’s lack of storage. Why.

If I were a betting man, I would place a bet that LeiaPlayer can’t connect to external storage even if I plug external storage in. Just a hunch. Am I wrong?

I hate Android. It is a terrible operating system. Nothing stays consistent across versions so you can’t ever just build software and have it stay working.

This whole thing is starting to look like it was a bad investment.

Then, I notice that literally all the apps in the Leia app store are free right now … which would be a good thing … unless it is a sign that the company’s going out of business due to the chip shortage as soon as it sells off remaining inventory. Uh-oh…

There are different kinds of file systems, they do different things, and not every one is available on every device. Lume Pad can read Fat32 storage devices attached directly to it, or you can transfer from any file system if you connect Lume Pad to a Windows or Mac computer and transfer from there.

There’s an app for Lume Pad you can use to do this: Guide: How to stream your own 3D-SBS or 2x2-4V videos from your PC to Lume Pad using Jellyfin & MPV-4V (Works with RH1 too)

You’re correct, LeiaPlayer does not currently have external storage support. But you can simply transfer the files from attached storage to the device’s local storage and it will be able to play them back.

Nope. We are doing great, and continuing to work on future hardware and software products. We’re not being negatively impacted by the chip shortage, except that like everyone, we’re having a tough time buying graphics cards for our PCs :wink: .

We’re offering the apps for free on the Leia Appstore as a promotion to entice new customers and for prior users to get them to try new games they otherwise wouldn’t.


Thanks for the info.

I was surprised to learn that Google doesn’t ship exFAT and NTFS support as part of stock Android. Why.

Lacking this support is still pretty awful. Certain movies that go over 4 GB can’t even be watched on the Lume Pad because of this.

As far as I know this is because of licensing, Microsoft holds the rights to both of I am correct.

Microsoft published the exFAT specification in August 2019.

NTFS support is in the Linux kernel now.

But I guess these improvements just haven’t gotten downstream to stock Android yet.

BTW, I did manage to get one 4.71 GB movie downloaded from my PC to my Lume Pad via Samba using Material Files and it will play in LeiaPlayer. (Little Mermaid 3D, the good version from 1989 of course)

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This is only true for files on external drives. If it’s saved to the Lume Pad’s internal storage, there should be no file size limitation for playing back media.

How did you manage to find that? Did they release it on 3D Blu-Ray at some point?

Yes, I own the 3D Blu-Ray. Disney made the good versions of Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Lion King for 3D Blu-Ray. I heard rumors that they also did all the work for a 3D restoration of Aladdin (also the good version) but that one only ever saw limited release in theaters and sadly never made it to 3D Blu-Ray for home viewing. Of course the 2019 remake of Aladdin made it to 3D Blu-Ray but I’m referring to the good version from way back when Disney still occasionally made reasonably good films. Newer Disney films make me vomit for reasons that have nothing to do with 3D.

These computer-aided 3D “restorations” of hand drawn animated films that were never originally designed for 3D have a very “pop-up book” feel to their 3D effect, but I’m OK with that.