I was able to convert a 3D Side by Side Half Width movie to 2x2 format using LightfieldStudio. It took about 2 days to complete on my 2018 Mac Mini. I couldn’t wait to watch it on my new Lume Pad.

I loaded the converted movie onto a 64 GB USB C Flash Drives, inserted the drive in the Lume Pad, and … nothing. I was unable to access the Flash Drive, and there were no error messages. The user manual says nothing about this limitation, and practically nothing about the use of a USB C Flash Drive.

I therefore downloaded File Manager + from the Google Play Store, and this did allow me to see the Flash Drive. But SURPRISE… When I clicked on the Flash Drive, a pop up message informed me that the Lume Pad does not support NTFS or EXFAT file formats . My only option was to format the Flash Drive in the ancient FAT-32 format. Of course, this ancient format does not support files larger than 4 GB, and my converted movie is a bit under 6 GB.

This is a SERIOUS LIMITATION. Why would anyone design a tablet with a USB C connector, and not support either NTFS or EXFAT?

I sure hope someone fixes this ASAP in the next software update.

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That is a problem. Add to that, no microSD card slot, as almost every other similar device has…

I definitely would have preferred a Micro SD card slot. But at least support for USB C Flash Drives would be a less desirable alternative – if support for NTFS and/or ExFAT is added.


Yes, I tried Paragon Software’s exFAT / NTFS for USB with both X-plore File Manager and Total Commander - file manager prior to my initial posting. It first displays Connecting USB-device… and then Connected device not supported.

ahem. If you just want a SBS movie to play on Lume…

Hey @herbw, your feedback has been heard.

For now, we recommend plugging your Lume Pad directly into a computer to transfer files. If you’re using Lightfield Studio, which currently only has a Mac version, you also need an application called Android File Transfer which will help you move files to and from the device. More information can be found in our Lightfield Studio documentation here:

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Thanks, @Nima. I’m glad that my feedback has been heard. I have used Android File Transfer to transfer my video to the device. But I am looking forward to support for NTFS and / or ExFAT in a future upgrade.

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Sounds good @herbw.

Just to note, NTFS is a Microsoft-proprietary file system. Just wanted to warn you ahead of time ExFat support is much more likely than NTFS, though we may try to support both if we can find a good way.

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Yes. NTFS requires licensing from Microsoft which is why Macs can’t write to NTFS volumes.

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To add to that, there ARE indeed some unlicensed implementations like those used on Linux… but again, we would like to find a GREAT solution, not one that may cause headaches for us or our users down the line.


i had success mounting an NTFS USB with Paragon & transferring files with Total Commander - ext didn’t recognize right away but i didn’t test further
USB device was a Memorex 127GB USB3.1 thumb with an A-C adapter

Good old Linux then :smile:

Macs can write to NTFS volumes if you install Paragon Software’s NTFS for Mac ( Price is only $19.95, and it is worth it if you ever need to do any work with NTFS volumes.

It’s been a while but I seem to remember a Mac can connect by using the SMB protocol. In my last job I needed to create a compatible file system resource for all development using every operating system. I think the MAC would use SMB.

Direct connect works on a Windows laptop.

Past time to get Lightfield Studio onto the Windows platform.


LFS is coming to Windows in one month. Excited to see what you create! Stay tuned.


I think that deserves a wahoo!

Which month? :smile:


WAHOO! :smiley:


“Wahoo-uary” =)