Formatting micro so for 3D movies

Hello, excuse if this was mentioned but I cannot find the answer. What type of format can I use for my micro sd card 1 TB which will allow me to use most of its storage and play 3D movies from?

I believe you just want to insert the card in the tablet and let Android format it. Usually this is going to have the best compatibility. I’m using a 512GB card I think, but I imagine 1TB might work (though I haven’t tested this). Just keep in mind that certain things are noticeably slower if not on the internal memory (for example the 2D to 3D conversion on video, while it works, you can see lag when moving the timeline scrubber, etc.).

We recommend using ExFAT.

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I just tried using a 512gb PNY Pro Elite SD card but even formatting it into ExFAT via the Lume Pad 2 the player was still saying the format was not fully supported.

This is expected. You just can’t write files to it from within LeiaPlayer. But it can play files no problem. And you can use the File Manager app to write files to your ExFAT MicroSD card.

You can, however, in FAT32. I just want to know if you can in FAT32 then why can’t it be made to also do so in exFAT?

The format function on the Lume Pad 2 formats to exFAT, yet the player only fully supports FAT32. I ended up formatting the SD card to FAT32 on my PC using a 3rd Party Program to get the full support and it’s fine for the most part, but it also limits files to a maximum of 4gb.

There has to be a way for devs to implement exFAT support.

Creating a custom file system implementation is a massive undertaking. The support level you’re seeing is what is available through APIs from the Android OS.

Apps like the File Manager app made by ZTE do have their own ExFAT implementation.

We don’t plan on adding any support beyond what’s currently there.

I honestly just put in a blank 512GB card and it worked. I don’t recall having to format it on my PC, and I just clicked okay on the popup on Android. Photos and videos seem to work fine.

ya cards are formatted by default to FAT32 as this is natively supported by ALL devices. in fact most cards, thumb drives, ssd, m.2s and HDDs are. I usually end up formatting them over to EXfat or ntfs after I get them.

BUT to exceed the 4gb file limit you cant use that file system. to be able to use files over 4gb you need to use NTFS, witch is windows, or EXfat witch is supported by most devices now.

BUT you cant format to EXfat or ntfs in android. it defaults to FAT32

also I don’t know if ntfs is supported in android on this device. some phones like the samsungs do.

to format it you ether need to use linux or windows. not sure if MAC OS supports it.

they have also mentioned a card size limit size but i dont remember what it is.