Found fix to use MicroSD card with LeiaPlayer

Download a video player called NOVA Video Player, now add the 3D tag to videos first, then go to files and move the movie file to the SD card, then go to NOVA Video Player and make NOVA play all videos through LeiaPlayer, then it will read all your 3D movies no problem from the SD card. Also looks pretty and they play in 3D and 2D.


This is EPIC!!!


Wow @eazyedd2, I just tried this and it works great! All I had to do was turn on “Allow using another video player” in the NOVA app’s Preferences page! Movies play off the MicroSD card and in LeiaPlayer without any issues!

I couldn’t get stuff to play back directly from Google Drive, it kept making NOVA crash. But I might try other servers later and see if I can get that to work!


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Thanks guys


Thanks! this works great.


So which file system do I format the SD card so I can transfer large files to it and it is still recognized by the tablet?

I tried NTFS and was able to transfer a 7GB file. But with a USB-C thumb drive, I suppose the same might work for an SD card.

Why does this no longer work? Says cant play in 3d from other apps…

It can’t convert to 3D from other apps, but if it’s an SBS photo or video it should work.

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this works well, however the LeiaPlayer will not convert to 3d.

aawesome how good is teh tablet for the 3d content, so you just rip all your 3d blurays from disk right ? Have you played 3d games in it ?

Can you give some feedback on the quality of watching ripped 3d blurays on the tablet

when is the next update for ai and software, i hear there have been none so far ?

There have been multiple updates since launch, you can see the update announcements on the Forum. Everything, including AI was updated again in late June with our Android OS update.

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thanks so a few questions, how do i get the 3d blu ray on to the sd card and does it need to be on an sd card or can i just copy it to the tablet drive instead , thank you!

Though we can’t help or provide support for ripping media from discs, any SBS video can be played on Lume Pad 2 in LeiaPlayer either from the internal storage or external storage. If using external storage, ensure it’s in ExFAT format if the file is over 4GB, and open the file in File Manager app, and select “Open in LeiaPlayer”.

awesome , thanks , so we dont need to use nova player any more ?

Can we also stream 3d movies through moonbeam

Correct. As of the last firmware update a couple of months ago, you can just use the File Manager app that’s built-in to play 3D photos and videos on external storage. However, 2D to 3D conversion isn’t supported on external storage devices.

Yes, 3D movies can be streamed using Moonlight3D.