Top 10 questions about Lume Pad 2!

Hey gang! We get a lot of questions from community members and figured we could share a quick post that highlights some of them for those that are new here.

1. How do I watch streaming videos in 3D?
Simple! Most of the time, all you need to do is click share on a video, for example from YouTube, and select LeiaTube from the Share menu. Let Leia’s 3D-AI do the rest! You can also copy the link to the video and open up the LeiaTube app, go to the “+” icon on the left hand bar, paste the URL in the text bar and voila!

2. What type of MicroSD card do I use?
All MicroSD cards up to 2TB should be supported in the AndroidOS, but we are currently working on a direct way to access files from your MicroSD card in LeiaPlayer. If the MicroSD card doesn’t work immediately when you plug it into your Lume Pad 2, format it in the Settings app. If you’d like to view files from your MicroSD card in LeiaPlayer, use the Files app or another file browsing app to move the files from the MicroSD card to your Lume Pad 2’s internal storage, then you’ll be able to open them up in LeiaPlayer. If you’d like a recommendation for a specific model, We have seen great reviews for this card. Here’s a recommendation from @cybereality! LumePad 2: Can't access files manually - #15 by cybereality

3. My Leia FaceTracking stopped when watching in the dark. Is something wrong with my Lume Pad 2?
Leia FaceTracking needs to see a face to provide the optimal 3D experience. Make sure to have your display brightness up if you are going to watch in the dark! The cameras must have just enough light to track your face. Turn off auto brightness in your display settings if the display keeps automatically getting darker.

4. What is the max size models to use in LeiaViewer?
100,000 triangles or 300,000 vertices.

5. What type of videos work in LeiaPlayer? Can I bring my own videos?
2D videos, Full-width SBS, Half-width SBS, VR180/360, and Leia Video Format videos work in MP4 file format! MKV is also supported for 2D and SBS video only. Make sure you are using popular video and audio codecs and no proprietary surround sound or spatialized audio codecs.

6. Can I stream content from my PC to Lume Pad 2?
Moonlight 3D in the Leia Appstore allows you to stream any Half-Width SBS content, including 3D photos, 3D videos, and 3D games, from a computer to the Lume Pad 2!

7. What SDKs are available for LP2?
We currently have Unity SDK and Android Native SDKs available. More coming soon! Find it here.

8. How do I get my photos onto my Lume Pad 2 from my phone, computer or social media account?
Lume Pad 2 is just like all other devices. You can either download the file directly to the Lume Pad 2 by browsing the app or site from your Lume Pad 2 and downloading the image from there, you can put the files on a Google Drive or other cloud storage and download them to the Lume Pad 2 like that, or you can plug your Lume Pad 2 into a PC using a USB-C cable and transfer the files to the device that way. For more details on how to do so, please refer to the Lume Pad 2 user manual.

9. Will LeiaFlix come to Nubia Pad 3D?
LeiaFlix is only available in the United States at this time, because every region has a different set of licensing regulations. LeiaFlix will work with a Nubia Pad 3D that’s physically located in the United States. We hope to bring LeiaFlix to more regions in the future.

10. How do I exhibit content on my Lume Pad 2?
Open up LeiaFrame. Select images or videos on your device to add to LeiaFrame. Set the duration, and sequence settings and hit play! Your content will play back automatically in a beautiful slideshow. If it doesn’t detect a face, it will drop to 2D mode, but as soon as a viewer steps within range, it’ll automatically launch back into 3D mode! You can also set LeiaFrame to be an automatic screen saver for your device by going to the settings menu and selecting LeiaFrame under “Screen saver” in the “Display” submenu.

Stay tuned for more FAQ’s! Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Marlon

Hello, I don’t see Moonlight3D on the store. Is it released? thanks!

Hi @Drew_Medina, we’re in the final stages of testing and releasing now. It should definitely be out in less than a week!

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Great! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Cant wait for it either Drew! Its going to be such a game changer!