any update on to be able to convert local mp4/ video files saved on the device to 3d using leiatube as opposed to just sharing from the few selected apps like facebook and youtube? i saw a post saying around end of january 2022

It’s not coming to LeiaTube, but you will be able to do it.

We’re still mostly on-track, but it’s probably coming in the first week of February now.

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I’m looking forward to trying out the upcoming local conversion feature, but I was also wondering if you are exploring any solutions or partnerships with streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + etc so that those videos can be converted and viewed in 3d and if so what you can say about the timeline for that?

Streaming platforms with DRM like the ones you mention require direct partnership with the streaming platform to enable Lightfield streaming.

We’re always looking for opportunities to expand the Lightfield content ecosystem, but we have no additional announcements to make at this time.

Make sure to let your favorite platforms know you’re interested in seeing them on Lume Pad!

Hey Nima, any update on this release? i understand these dates are tentative, but this feature would be amazing for the tablet. Also, does Leiatube automatically update if a new version is released when connected to internet or am i notified on the tablet somehow? thank you

Hey @jfarmer33, the version of LeiaPlayer with this feature is in QA. We’re trying to nail down a couple of final bugs. No more than two weeks out, maybe sooner!

We don’t have automatic updates for apps on Lume Pad, you’ll need to go to the Leia Appstore to update.


awesome, really excited!

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