Check out the new LeiaTube update

We have improved the quality of Lightfield rendering for 2D videos with the latest LeiaTube update. Please check it out and give us your feedback.

Bob (VP Product at Leia)


Thanks, Bob! Even though it’s faux 3D, I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying it!

Will it be possible to use something like LeiaTube to play local media as well? (What must be necessary to have LeiaTube show up as a share destination?)


Hi Marc,

Very happy to hear you are enjoying LeiaTube. We do plan to support lightfield viewing of local 2D videos in a future version of LeiaPlayer. Stay tuned! Thanks, Bob


Oh, one quick comment. The button in the lower-right corner looks like what I should hit to enable closed captions. I’ve already tapped it a few times, forgetting each time that it’s a feedback button instead.

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Thanks for the feedback. Will pass onto our UX team. - Bob

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This is SO great to hear, as that was my question, too.

I do have additional questions. I am curious if LeiaTube conversions are “quick and dirty” and rough compared to Lightfield Studios Beta 1.2? Lightfield Studios seems to be a LOT slower, but that just might be due to my one computer (above average, decent laptop) computing things compared to a server doing that when I click the “Share” button on internet media. This question then extends to local conversions using LeiaTube vs. Lightfield Studios conversion, too, when local conversion is available.

Hey @Huy,

Yes, Leia has many different algorithms depending on the use case.

I can’t name them all, but broadly here are some classes of them, from lowest quality to highest quality:

Photos: 2D to 3D real-time for mobile, Apple Depth Map to 3D real-time for mobile, cloud GPU conversion for 2D/Apple Depth to 3D (LeiaPix Converter)

Videos: 2D to 3D real-time for mobile (LeiaTube, upcoming in LeiaPlayer), 2D to 3D Lightfield Studio, 3D to Lightfield in Lightfield Studio

There will be more of them over time. In the future we hope to provide a paid service where users can send any of their content to the Leia Cloud and have the highest quality conversion done when they request it. But local, on-device conversion on Leia devices will always remain free.


Hello Nima,

Thank you very much for your insight. I truly appreciate that! Thank you for breaking it down for me.

Exciting times we live in, and exciting products! I’ve shown at least three nurses that have been taking care of my uncle at the hospital, and have shown two co-workers, and undoubtedly more people in the future. I am seriously enjoying Lume Pad SO much! :smiley: Haha!


One thing I have noticed when watching a lot of content that is originally animated in 2d, is that particle effects, small scattered lights, snow, things like that don’t get recognized as unique objects and the level of depth is directly overlayed on what ever those objects are appearing in front of. This seems like something that could be worked on specifically with the system and hopefully would’t take too long for the AI to get the hang of it.

My two requests would be to add scattered layers of depth to those types of effects so they appear natural and impressive on the display, and as many 3d movies do, to have the front few layers actually pop out of the screen not just go into it. Maybe you are taking a conservative approach with things popping out of the screen in general for auto converted 3d content because overdoing or placing the wrong things upfront can case viewer discomfort. However, small dot like particles show up in so many effects and situations.

Things like that would look beautiful if given depth. From my experience these types of effects in 3d cause essentially no viewing strain and it seems like something that could be integrated into a future update without too much trouble. Looking forward to continued updates and improvements!

(I can probably think of lots of suggestions for things to focus on improving with the AI concerning patterns that consistently don’t work well in the current version. If these requests and suggestions are welcome or helpful where would be the best place to bring them up?)

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@Nima @BobShakib Its been about a week since I posted this reply, I was wondering what you think or if there is any insight you can give about this type of improvement.

Hi @Josh_G, can you provide some content examples with snow/particles that you mentioned?
Your other feedback is also welcome too!

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Hello Andrii, thank you for responding to my question. I sent you a message with some images, video links and suggestions. Please let me know what you think including how realistic these changes are and how much time it could take to implement!

Hello folks! Today we released a new version of LeiaTube (v0.2.9) which includes:

  • Support for VR 180
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Let us know what you think!


Bug fixes are always welcomed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: