Check out the new LeiaTube update

We have improved the quality of Lightfield rendering for 2D videos with the latest LeiaTube update. Please check it out and give us your feedback.

Bob (VP Product at Leia)


Thanks, Bob! Even though it’s faux 3D, I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying it!

Will it be possible to use something like LeiaTube to play local media as well? (What must be necessary to have LeiaTube show up as a share destination?)

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Hi Marc,

Very happy to hear you are enjoying LeiaTube. We do plan to support lightfield viewing of local 2D videos in a future version of LeiaPlayer. Stay tuned! Thanks, Bob


Oh, one quick comment. The button in the lower-right corner looks like what I should hit to enable closed captions. I’ve already tapped it a few times, forgetting each time that it’s a feedback button instead.

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Thanks for the feedback. Will pass onto our UX team. - Bob

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