2d to 4V algorithm

Is LeiaTube 4V conversion better than LeiaPlayer? I found better results in LeiaTube than LeiaPlayer, is LeiaTube making conversion from server?

Also, is LightField Studio making the same conversion than LeiaTube? because even the extremely high processing time I don’t find same results than LeiaTube real time conversion, which is crazy.

They use the same conversion library, but there is a chance the version in one may be newer than the other for a bit until they’re both updated. But eventually, they will be the same.

No, Lightfield Studio uses a completely different, more advanced algorithm. There is always a trade-off between speed, artifacts, and accuracy. Lightfield Studio is focused on ultimate accuracy and eliminating artifacts at the cost of speed. The on-the-fly conversions available on Lume Pad prefer speed over accuracy and artifacts. Despite this, as a viewer, there may be some situations where you simply prefer the look of the less accurate conversion over the more accurate one. Stereoscopic 3D is a very interesting case for depth map estimation where people prefer things to “look good” rather than “be correct”, and sometimes being more accurate looks less good!

Interesting, maybe you could make an adjustment option on Studio to enable fast conversion on a file, but improving the typical halos around objects that converters usually do, in LeiaTube and LeiaPlayer real time conversion is good, but halos are very noticeable. If I could use that same speeder version but improving the halos, I would use it a lot more.