2d to 3d images

The Web app cover leia, converts 2d to video by calculating depth map automatically. Few adjustments can also be made in the depth map edit.

But in the device, the 2d is quickly converted to 3d, but no further correction option available, except for the depth density, focus and some filters.

Am I missing something

Hey @balajis17,

Nope, LeiaPix Converter for web and the LeiaPlayer 2D to 3D conversion on Lume Pad are totally different. They have different architectures and work differently.

LeiaPix Converter runs on cloud computers with powerful Nvidia GPU’s. The local LeiaPlayer 2D to 3D conversion on Lume Pad runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

LeiaPix Converter is going to generally give you higher quality 2D to 3D conversions. In fact, you can simply use it on Lume Pad by going to the Chrome app and typing in convert.leiapix.com!

In the future (this year), we do plan to bring additional depth editing options to LeiaPlayer though, so keep your eyes peeled.



How long does the LeiaPix Converter take to process? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the conversion button in LeiaPlayer to trigger a call to the same service and return the result?

Seems like this would be more desirable all around, if possible.

LeiaPix Converter is still in Beta, and is currently free to use despite it costing us cloud GPU usage whenever you do conversions. On-device conversion is fully released, and we’re committed to keeping it free to use forever, since it’s done on your device and costs us nothing. Both are going to be improved a bunch in the coming year.

What you mention (doing cloud conversions from in LeiaPlayer) is possible, though it does take much longer to convert using cloud conversions vs. on-device (~2-10s vs. ~130ms) not including network transfer time (upload and download). We may offer higher-quality cloud conversions as part of a service in the future.

For now, just use the Converter website on your Lume Pad for free and then access the Downloads folder from LeiaPlayer and the conversions will there waiting for you.