LeiaPlayer Photo Editing

I haven’t seen this discussed yet but what is the reasoning behind removing the non 3D photo editing options on the LumePad version of LeiaPlayer? On my Hydrogen I can crop, adjust lighting, contrast and the other basic photo editing features, and you can pinch to zoom in on the photo which was especially useful to line up the 3D image focus perfectly by zooming in really close to the area you want to focus on then adjusting the depth and focus.

It is a huge downgrade from the old version as now editing lots of photos or just do a simple crop is now an obnoxious back and forth process. Please bring these options back and expand your editing capabilities instead of removing them. I would like to see the same level of photo and video editing you get from an app like Inshot so we only have to use the one app for editing needs instead of transferring things back and forth, especially since a lot of editors don’t work right after converting a file to 3D.


I was also surprised by the loss of these features. The depth and focus are great, but as far as editing capabilities, they are are the final icing on the cake. Now I have to do my 2D editing and adjustments either in a graphics program or on one of my original Lume Pads… and then transfer to Lume Pad 2 for the depth and focus.

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It kept causing a lot of bugs because the underlying system for loading 2D and 3D images is quite different. Spending time maintaining that code and ensuring every feature works in both 2D and 3D sucked up a lot of our resources.

So to put it simply, spending time on the 2D features gave us less time to spend on 3D features and meant it took longer to ship them. This is still the case.

Because there are tons of free photo editing apps on Android, and since Google Photos ships with the device and works perfectly, it doesn’t really make sense for us to duplicate 2D editing functionality in LeiaPlayer.

RED was footing the bill with the Hydrogen, and since they wanted those features, they got them. That’s no longer the case, and we have to be careful on what we work on.

Ultimately this isn’t going to happen. We will be adding back a lot of the features you’re mentioning to Lume Pad 2 and future devices in 3D, but we won’t be spending any time building out any 2D editing features. Please use other apps and tools for 2D editing.


I think there is a misunderstanding here.

It’s not about being able to edit 2d images in LeiaPlayer, it’s about the non 3d parameters (as the OG poster calls it) of 3d images, so just basic color correction and cropping capabilities.
I don’t know of any easy way to do just the latter with Google Photos or any other Android app with 3d images (I know it can be done with Stereophoto Maker on Win/Mac). Maybe you have a hint how to do that.

It makes a lot of sense to be able to color correct and crop 3D images (especially those taken with Leia Cam) directly in LeiaPlayer, instead of using external tools in rather cumbersome import/export workflows.
Every preinstalled photo viewing app on any desktop or mobile os comes with some basic editing features. LeiaPlayer should offer the same for the main media type it is meant to present in a convenient way : 3D images. Just the way it was before.

I guess it would be sufficient for those basic editing features to work with 3D images only not with 2d images since, as you rightly said, for 2d image editing there are already more than enough options.

Those basic editing features were on the LUME PAD as well, not exclusive on the RED.


As mentioned above these will be coming back to LeiaPlayer in a future update. Lume Pad 2 has a new display architecture and the editing code we used with the older device for 3D photos didn’t work with the new device, so we had to remove the broken features to ship the app. But now we’ve had time working on the top features people have been asking for, so bringing 3D photo editing features back is next.


thank you for clarifying!

Agree, and hope they add these features sometime in the future. But my BIG thing is that I sure would like to do is BATCH MODE on the Leia Pad to convert a bunch of some old 2D files. Now I have to do each one-at-a-time. I think that the only other option was using one of the programs online. If someone knows a trick I missed on using the LeiaPlayer to do a batch mode in converting files on the Leia Pad, please let me know!


Agreed, being able to batch convert on the lumepad would be a pretty massive addition.

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Definitely agree on the batch convert I just did over 500 pics and it took hours especially since after converting it doesn’t just go to the next file in line but redirects you all the way to the beginning of the file sorting then you have to back out or flip through all the 3D files to get to the next 2D pic to convert. Gets to where you are flipping through hundreds of photos just to get to the next file to convert. Unnecessarily tedious and annoying process that could be fixed with a simple select all files in folder option then batch convert.