LeiaPlayer and LeiaLink auto conversion 2d to 3d or 4v

This is so great idea but I miss some features to improve the usage and results:

  1. Can Leia Link remember my login, now I need to login each time
  2. Picture conversion has a lot of bad sectors converting to 3d… Would be maybe good to use the short video instead of pure jpg. Today’s phones record a short mpg together with each picture so some converter Leia is using for video can help a lot…
  3. Support of short movies like up to 10 seconds would also be great support to do short swipes or panorama where during presentation in LeiaPlayer the player shall play forward backward loop … This could help greater conversion from 2d to 3d with less mistakes, and results good for any rotating selfie or panorama or swipe…

@johaninpika welcome back :slight_smile:

Login issue is affecting old users and we are looking into it (I’m being a victim as well !)

LumeLink right now we use 2D3D conversion on the device if no depth map is provided. In future versions we will be doing the conversion process on the cloud for much better results. you can get a feel for cloud based conversion through our web app convert.leiapix.com (tell us what you think !)

Note that if you take a picture with Hydrogen or iPhone in “portrait” mode LumeLink will use the provided depth map instead of creating a new one

Hope this helps !