LeiaPlayer 3.3 Update 2 is Now Available!

Hey everyone, we’re back again with a fast follow update to address your concerns. Our engineers and QA team worked really hard to get this out as fast as possible. Hopefully it assuages the primary issue noted by 3D enthusiasts until we can get you more features, settings, and options in the next version of LeiaPlayer.

LeiaPlayer 3.3 Update 2 has the following features:

  • Instant 2D to 3D Video Conversion: Navigate to a 2D video, tap the Lightfield view icon, and voila! It’s now playing back in 3D!
  • Automatic 3D Video Detection: SBS and Quad videos are now detected automatically just like photos, without needing to change the filename or do 3D tagging.
  • Double-tap content to fill screen: Self-explanatory, but this is a HUGE quality of life feature in my opinion. Now your off-ratio photos and videos can crop-to-fill the 16:10 Lume Pad screen with a double tap. Double tap again to revert it back to original size.
  • Updated View Switching Behavior: All SBS, MPO, and JPS images will automatically display in ST View Mode by default.
  • Bug fixes and improvements: As always, we made everything a little better. Yes, including making it much easier to scrub video timelines without accidentally swiping to a new video :slight_smile:

The change of note is the bullet point for Updated View Switching Behavior. I know it’s not a perfect solution, but hopefully this will be a good stopgap for affected users until Version 3.4 comes out. Here are some additional notes to make it useful:

  • If you have an SBS, MPO, or JPS image that you want to display in Lightfield View Mode by default, use the Edit button and save it as a LIF, as all LIF files still display in Lightfield View Mode.

  • If you have a LIF that you want to display in ST View Mode by default, simply export it as an SBS and the SBS will be in ST View Mode by default.

Hope this helps! Thanks for your patience everyone, and thank you for being part of the Lume Pad community.


Hey Nima, I made a huge mistake by updating to this version, can I get the previous one back?
I never wanted to see my 11,000 SBS pictures in ST mode because it looks so much better in 4V. In fact, many of them look really bad in pure SBS but LeiaPlayer is doing a decent job in aligning them nicely. Having to re-save them as LIF now will probably take more time than waiting for 3.4, I guess :slight_smile:

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No worries @alexzeder, DM me and I’ll give you a couple of options.

Thank you, @Nima , for listening to the 3-D enthusiasts, and please thank your team for implementing this fix so quickly. I can once again recommend the Lume Pad as a display device for showing stereo pairs.



When I open an SBS file it detects it automatically as SBS and ask for fix it or cancel.
I pressed cancel and it switched to 2d!! I then needed to add 3d tag manually.

As it already were shown in 3D there was no need to fix it. Shouldn’t the cancel option leave the detected state untouched?

Maybe the question should be reformulated to be more clear. Maybe with answers like maintain 3D and back to 2d

What you saw is the first-time tutorial for fixing 3D files, which launches when LeiaPlayer detects an SBS or Quad Lightfield for the first time. It’s showing you a preview of what it looks like in 3D Lightfield mode as opposed to 2D, and then generally asks users if they want to allow LeiaPlayer to do auto-detection at all.

No. The auto-detection tutorial window is showing the user a preview of what the detection looks like. Cancel is saying that you don’t want the change, which the user would choose if the auto-detection got it wrong/had a false positive.

I’ll pass your feedback back to the design team. For now, you can choose the options for auto-detection in settings.

Thanks, maybe I read too fast the question.

Thanks for your hard work!


Thanks for getting this sorted out. MUCH more logical.

Still some little niggles, but nothing serious, so my Lume Pad is now useable as a 3D image viewing device again!

Thanks again

Bob Aldridge

Your hard work and dedication to this passionate community doesn’t go unnoticed, @Nima (and dev team). Reading the previous thread on this topic was total cringe. I can think of a few more important things in life than stubbornly complaining about default view settings of media files – like treating fellow humans with dignity (especially if they are being as patient, understanding and cooperative as you obviously were in that thread). It’s true that user feedback is vital to product refinement, but that feedback becomes unproductive and toxic when it’s delivered so acerbically. I was so moved by the unfair and childish responses lobbed your way that I was eager to reach out publicly to let you know how happy I am with the LumePad as a product and the incredibly active and generous LumePad team in general. I can’t think of any other device I have right now that has been so thoroughly upgraded with new features (for free!), particularly as seen in the fantastic latest LeiaPlayer update. You guys have basically given us a second gen LumePad through all the competent (and cool!) features that have been added since it’s debut. Keep up the hard work


Thank you so, so much for your kind words @aliveisthecity.

We hope to provide many more announcements this year that will surprise and delight you and the rest of the Lume Pad community even more than you have been already :grin: