LeiaPlayer 2.10.27227 Beta released

Hi to everyone.
This morning I have seen that 2.10 Beta was available on my Red Hydrogen. I was so excited and I have immediately downloaded since there are very interesting features. However I rolled back almost immediately to 2.5, since at the moment I have found several things that I disliked. I will share the impressions here since I haven’t found in the app a way to report directly this feedback. I cannot exclude that some points are just the result of my misunderstanding

  1. The preview is no longer 3D: only after enlarging the the thumbnail of a 3D pictures, you see it 3D. As matter of fact I would have liked to have the possibility to use a 3D picture also as background of the smartphone (to make it even more unique if possible :slight_smile: ), so this missing preview looks a step backward
  2. Apparently now I have to browse any single folder to look for the pictures, while before all pictures -no matter where they were- appeared in the main page. Not to mention that still if something is in the SD card cannot be selected and moved from the app.
  3. now there are three options to view a picture: 2D, the stereoscopic and the holoview; however I have found that opening pictures that appeared previously nice -especially the ones previously imported from my Fujifilm W3, but also the one shot by H1-, now all seemed to give me some sense of dizziness, as a stereoscopic picture with poor alignment, and artifacts (doors and windows bending and things like that); there are only a couple of exceptions among the pictures of the original sample folder (the optometrist and the truck, they both look great)

This last point was the most severe that pushed me to roll back. There could be some fine tuning to do, but I ignore it. As matter of fact recently I’m seeing some pictures on Holopix that look so bad in terms of 3D effect (looking just as two overlapped images): before I have simply considered the result of some bad manipulation of a beginner, but I’m worried they could be the result of producing with something newer with issues of backward compatibility.

The other things work smooth: the 2D to 3D conversion is great (!), as well as the streaming of 3D content, and a number of additional filters.

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Although subjective, I personally prefer this.
It can be quite difficult to appreciate the 4V. when the image is the size of a thumbnail.
Also, activating the DLB. makes 2D. Images look a little unusual, and uses more power when active.


Although, I wonder if there could be some way to designate 2D. / 3D. to a folder, to display the folder contents in the appropriate format.

I’m sorry that the new navigation hasn’t been an improvement for you.
For me, it’s great news, as you can not only group all of the images you want to show someone, (in person,) into one folder, but also find what you are looking for, a lot faster.
(Instead of scrolling through every image.).
However, I think a toggle could be helpful.
(I was looking for one, and I have been unable to locate it.).

I personally feel, that as someone who has identified things which could be better, you’d be a great person to continue to beta test.
Particularly when you have a Fujifilm W3.
You could be very helpful to the entire community here, when it comes to compatibility with the output of this device, which would probably extend to other devices, also.

The Lume Pad is fully compatible with all previous Lit by Leia devices, including HYDROGEN.
(Although I can’t find the source just now, I know that it was officially said, somewhere.
It also makes sense, as both the Lume Pad and the HYDROGEN have a 4V. Display.).

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I can agree that the new browsing in many cases could better, but it could also be a choice in settings. By the way, I would survive with this :slight_smile: just matter of preference. But even 3D thumbnails could be just a checkbox away (I’m programmer too :slight_smile: ). Personally I liked also how 3D small pictures appeared. In any case, the difference in quality of images that I have seen was the reason to downgrade.

I have a suspicion that @john.friday, is the person to report feedback to, for Leia Player.
(I’m not 100% sure, although this does seem like something the Leia Team would be interested in.).

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Update: I have downloaded again the new version, and apparently I’m not longer seeing the deterioration I have mentioned; I will investigate further. The only possible bug I have experienced was about the “move” function. In fact I have sent a picture from a device, and it was in folder download. Apparently any attempt to move had failed. But then I have edited the picture (increased the depth) and saved a copy. The copy was easily moved by the same procedure.

Thank you for the detailed feedback @m.farina!

“In fact I have sent a picture from a device, and it was in folder download. Apparently any attempt to move had failed.” -> Would you be able to describe how the move failed? Was there an error message, or was it just that the file did not end up in the desired directory?

Please let us know if you notice the issue of poor quality pictures again (as you can imagine, picture quality is always one of our top priorities).

Glad to hear that the 2D-to-3D conversion, LeiaStream and filters worked well for you :slight_smile:


Hi @nic,
the move action simply had no effect: you correctly select the picture, the move menu, then the new folder and confirming move, but no effect and no error. Tried several times, and at some point also the move button stopped appearing. But after I have edited the picture, the edited version was easily moved. Strangely the procedure still did not work with the original. However after closing and reopening Leiaplayer, also the orginal could be moved.

For the issue of the poor quality pictures maybe I have a possible explanation: if I select the “lightfield” mode even for a stereoscopic picture, my impression is that generally it will smooth-out ghost effect and changes with visual angle; however if the picture was shot with a large interaxial-to-distance value (e.g. a shot by W3 for a portrait) it will generally worsen a lot all undesired effects of the picture. Hence my guess is that for some reason (maybe also my error, not sure) the new mode was or remained selected. By the way, now it is working very well.
I had just one app crash so far while scrolling quickly a long list of pictures.

I’ve been using a lot over the weekend both LeiaPlayer and Holopix; I have not faced other bugs or glitches; I wish to thank Leia team for the wonderful improvements in their apps!! really a good job. Thanks! I think that if RED Hydrogen had this version at startup story would have been different.

As I have stated before, generally pictures are nicer in the new view mode, but in some case it is the contrary. When you browse pictures, by default some (most) will appear with the stereo mode and others (e.g. the ones created from 2D) in the holo mode, according to their origin; is there a way to store the preference? E.g. consider a picture produced by a stereocamera that looks nicer in the new mode, is there a way to save it so that by default it is open in the new mode?
Also, in the new Holopix version still I think only the previous mode is being used (or it is seamlessly chosen, but I do not see any info); will this feature be translated also on Holopix?


Thumbnails in 4V is a must!
When I use other 3D smartphones I’m always complaining about thumbnails being 2d. But when I use LeiaPlayer I love to easily find what photo I’m looking for, because usually I do different 3D photos of same scene to get different results (not only in depth, also in position at the moment of take to capture another angle). With 4V thumbnails I find the exact image directly even without open it at full screen, in 2d I would need to open multiple images to look for the one I want.



Any discussions on creating an open architecture for 3rd-party filter plug-ins in the future? I love the filters in the beta. But I understand that Leia probably wants to keep the 4V format proprietary.


@Stuart_Fujitani, we’re planning to release an Android Media SDK that will allow for playback and encoding of the Leia Photo Format. This will allow devs to access the underlying data (Bitmap images and other metadata) via Java / Kotlin APIs. This will be available before the end of the year.

(cc @clintonpinto )


So there are no plans to support 3rd-party plug-ins for the Leia Player or will this SDK enable the creation of plug-ins?

This will allow developers to create apps like LeiaPlayer. We currently have no plans to allow for plug-ins to LeiaPlayer itself.

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Possible bug in the latest Leia Player 2.10.27227 Beta app.

While switching to preview mode from within Camera app after taking picture the Leia Player shows black screen instead of the picture just taken and weird datestamp of the picture “12/31/69 06:00 PM” in the left upper corner.
When I press the middle icon with little cube at the bottom of screen the message pops up “Unable to edit from other applications”
All of that is the case only in the “4V” mode in Camera app and when the Storage setting is set to “external card” .
All is well for both 2D and 4V modes when the Storage setting is set to “internal storage” in the Camera app
or for 2D mode when the Storage setting is set to “external card” in the Camera app.
P.S. I use 256MB 100MB/s (U3) Samsung EVO Select micro sdxc card.

Oooooh what I found!!
I really love the new ST button to view the original 3D image without depth map calculation for showing in 4V. Now I can see SBS images exactly it will look on a 3D display, there was some 3D images with mistakes in depth calculations, so with this button I can get the original version.
Thank you very much!


completly agree with you, i even rolled back to Latest Red Player as some things in Leia player makes it for me unusable.
every update beta or stable release i check it, are the things i need that where present in Red Player not back in Leia player, i stay on Red Player.

I always thought to improve, bug fixes, implement new options where the things when updating, not removing good things of a app.
This keeps me also from buying a Lume pad, because i see how it goes with the phone apps.
If this is the same story with Lume pad, holopix, leia player etc… that keeps me away from the pad as i know now i will not like it because of the apps (no selectable options, gallery view 2d, removing things , formats icons in thumbnails, that are good (red player) and where good.

It bothers me know, that’s the reason i stay on Red Player and it will bother me when i would buy a Lume pad, so for that reason i will not buy it untill some day they would bring it back and/or add selectable users options.

In the time of all those options i saw gallery view change several times from 4v to 2d and back, now it’s is 2d again.
Is it that hard to make an option under settings so the user can choose if he whants 4v or 2d ?
instead of changing between the 2. some whant the 4v, some whant the 2d view, make it an option under settings and get over it and everybody is happy.

I also want a setting to enable/disable 4V thumbnails (I want them always in 4V)


Yes the ST button is handy, but the LeiaPlayer reverts to 4V as the default. It does not remember to stay in this mode. I would like it to keep the ST mode for a series or gallery of photos being viewed.

Hi there!

This behavior will be in the next release coming later this month. Whichever view you’re currently on will be set globally across the app. So if you’re viewing in Stereo, all eligible Stereo images will retain that view (images without 2 views will revert back to 4V as it technically can’t be interpreted as Stereo).



Thanks for the feedback! Will keep you posted on this.