LeiaPlayer on Red Hydrogen: where are 2x1 jpg files after editing

Hi everyone,

just started to enjoy LeiaPlayer on Red Hydrogen one. I have been also able to see in LeiaPlayer side-by-side pictures exported by other devices. However I wonder how I do export back in side-by-side stereoscopic jpg after editing the picture in LeiaPlayer: apparently after shooting a photo I have immediately available the 2x1.jpg file, but if I edit it, I will create a new file that I am not able to locate in the device as 2x1.
Also, I am a bit confused about the position of files: if I select an image from a folder and I select “Move”, the image will appear in the image list, but will be physically still in the original position; are there any rules to follow to locate files?


Hello @m.farina,
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Have you tried renaming the filename to include “_2x1”, between the filename and, “.jpg”?

For example:
EpicEditedImage.jpg, would become: EpicEditedImage_2x1.jpg

Although I’m not sure about locating files within Leia Player, when I personally struggle to locate a file, I tend to find it easier to use a file manager.
One is pre-installed on the HYDROGEN.

Hope this helps.

Hello @nick.tester ,

thank you very much :smiley: If I find for example EpicEditedImage.jpg, this does not look as a side by side image; my ultimate purpose would be two transfer the image in my 3D TV and or my 3D W3 camera; when I shoot a photo I have immediately the side-by-side that I can convert in MPO. So putting the _2x1 name would not be useful.
For locating files: I am using too the file manager pre-installed in my Hydrogen, but still it is really strange: I have added a 128 Gb SD card that works perfectly, so that if I connect the computer I can transfer there files, and it is regularly seen by the OS (according to settings, total memory is 256 Gb, and new photo are stored in the SD card). However in File Manager it seems to ignore the correct info, and it displays “4% used, 4.8Gb / 116.7 Gb”. So…not sure that will be able to locate correctly all files.

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Please excuse the misunderstanding.
All of the images I export, as captured with the HYDROGEN, even after editing, are SBS.
(Q4V./ Quad/ 2x2 Doesn’t appear to be an option anymore.).

I think I must be missing something.

What are you using to open the image?
I don’t think you can view SBS. (Without 4V,) Within Leia Player.
(Unless you have removed, “_2x1”, which is when the image can and does disappear.).
[From the Leia Player Gallery, not from your device.].

I suspect I’m not at my optimum today.
I’ll tag @Kano3D, as he knows a lot more about both 3DTV. And, “.MPO”.
He’s one of the best, if not the best person to ask.
(Thanks in advance, Kano3D.).

Hello Nick: an example. I take a picture in Hydrogen; if e.g. I share it via WhatsApp, it will share a side by side jpg file; now I open and make some editing in Leiaplayer (still the app on the phone), and"save a copy"; now if I click again to share via WhatsApp, it will share as a single image. Also Google photo will upload two images: the original side-by-side and the edited which is single.


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If you share as a file from WhatsApp, I think the behaviour is different.

If you share your image as a file, from WhatsApp, you’ll get a SBS. Image.

If you share as an image from Leia Player, through WhatsApp, I believe it defaults to 2D. As It’s the best way to share Images to other devices.
[To share 4V. Images, (particularly to device with a 2D. Display,) the best way is through Holopix, with a link.].

I’m pretty sure this was the case, back when we were using RED Player, at least.

Apparently it is different: now if I share from Leia Player it will share the original image as side by side, but if I edit it, the edited is shared as single jpg (just tried to be sure). But most importantly if I navigate photos thru Google photo, I will find the original jpg which is side by side and the modified which is single.

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Very curious.
When I save as copies, they’re always SBS.

I’ve looked through the settings, and the only toggle I can find, is up in the top right hand corner.
Could this be what determines what you are sharing?

No, it is always in 3D while I’m sharing

Scarica Outlook per Android

When I share an SBS image to Telegram and I want a 2d copy I crop the image, I guess on other platforms you can also crop the image.
IDK if is that what you’re asking

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If you shoot in pro mode, the image is saved as SBS. But if you edit the image in leia player and save a copy (the player will not allow overwrite), the image will be saved as H4V format. H4V format will display as 2D if you share the image with someone without a leia player.

I believe Arthur Barrett has developed software that can generate an SBS from an H4V image.

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@ Stuart_Fujitani: you are right; this is exactly what happens. It is a pity that Leia Player has not an “export” button to do directly this work. Where I can find Barrett’s program?
Another problem is that in the preinstalled File Manager, if I try to locate h4v files, it will only find a couple of preinstalled video, and no trace of my images (that are surely there since Leia Player show them in 3D), while I see my jpg (side by side for the original and single for the edited). I guess this can be for problems of the preinstalled file manager that I have mentioned… related to the presence of the sd card which seems seamlessly handled by the OS but not completely by the file manager. I will try to install some other file manager or browse via laptop to locate them, but apparently they are not in the same directory as the jpg ones.

I understand why things work a different way around for me, now.
So, I tried something different:

I can confirm that when you capture a screenshot, one of the files generated is a Quad. (_2x2/ .png).

If you open your preferred cropping tool, (I used paint on windows, as I’m sure that everyone has access to a tool which can crop, far more powerful than Paint,) then crop the image down to one stereo pair.
For this example I’m going to use the image on the bottom right (“Frame 3”), paired with the image on the top left (“Frame 1”), by placing it in the space where the image at the top right is. (“Frame 2”).
(Seeing as I made a really careless error, when I did this the first time, I’m only making one, although you can also pair Image 2 with image 4.).
Then crop into a 2x1 Format, removing the irrelevant parts at the top or bottom.

When you save the image, you will then be able to affix, “_2x1”, to your filename, save your image as JPEG, and open in Leia Player/ Other Devices.
(Of course, You don’t get 4V, as we have cut it from two stereo pairs, down to one.).

Please feel free to download and view within Leia Player, naturally.
Why not give it a go?

Hope this helps.
(Until the software becomes available).


@m.farina You can find Arthur’s software here: https://h4vapp.com/ However, I believe it’s considered beta and it’s for Macs only at this time.


Right: I had seen that website, and at the moment is only for Mac. Do Leia Inc. provide some specific software for this kind of handling? Since now Lumepad is being launched I tough they also developed some tools.

I don’t believe Leia has any tools that can convert 4V to SBS.

All information regarding the Lume Pad can be found [Here].

If and/ or which new tools will be available on the HYDROGEN, is only open to speculation, (for myself,) at this time.
I think the only way to be certain, is to order a Lume Pad.
(Particularly given the benefits of both Android 10, and the new hardware.).

Ok, thanks, and sorry if I make stupid questions being a beginner in this field (even if my work is to some extent close, since I make research on scanning microscopy, and in some cases we use a kind of holography for different things). According to what I read, maybe there is something in Lightfield Studio, but at the end if I’m able to locate the h4v, manual cropping would be the easiest way. To compose a stereo pair I would need to take one of the first row and one of the second, if I have understood.
For the Lume Pad, right I’m quite curious, and tempted to preorder, but Hydrogen was extremely useful since you have always with you a 3D camera, a phone and a way to show 3D content immediately. I own a Fujifilm camera W3 since many years, but 1) I do not have them always with me -also to protect them since it is hard to find those stuff- and 2) this way I had not even a way to show 3D content. Hydrogen project to me is something completely complementary to Lume Pad, and I find sad that it has been abandoned only for some youth errors. OT: I was converted to 3D world when watched “M for Murder” that Hitchcock shot in native 3D in 1954 in a 3D TV: I have considered he could not know how beautiful would have appeared in a future device, so I started recording all stereoscopically. Now I’m very glad to see Leia revolution.


You don’t have to ever apologise to me.
I write all kinds of things I kick myself for.
(Not even questions, which are always sensible.).

Besides, we’re all here to help each other out.

This goes on a bit...

Please also excuse me, if my tone seems a little off.
I thought about installing gramarly to assist me with this, only I’m a little concerned about who may be analysing what I’m typing.
So I end up in a situation where if I second guess myself, I’ll only edit my replies enough to not only be irritating, but also cause havok for people who reply via. Emails.

This post from @greg, explains the quad structure very well:


I feel that Lume Pad would compliment the HYDROGEN very well, and given your field, I suspect, both the second display feature, and the display port Output though USB-C, might interest you.

The Lume pad has an optional case, you can order.
(As well as a stand.).

[@m.farina, I’d just like to add: I’m also learning. 4V. Has only been available to me for around two years.
(Maybe, I also learn slowly.).

I also found that I have learned something new from what you asked.
I wasn’t aware that I could still generate Quad from screenshots, which is going to help me significantly.
(Thank you. :smile:.).
Again: Your questions are always sensible.
See what I mean, about the edits. :crazy_face:.]

Also, you’re entirely correct.
I messed up on the sequence.
The pairing should be 1 and 3/ 2 and 4.

I’ll just fix that.


@m.farina There are many helpful members (some of them real experts) on this forum as well as h4vuser.net. I too am a beginner but have learned much from these core members.