A question about the Leiatube app

Hi, just a question about the Leiatube player.
I’m just a little confused or maybe I am missing something, but when i launch the app I see only a limited number of videos.
And for the videos that are there there’s only a few (not the best)sbs 3D videos, some vr180 and a bunch of regular videos( yes that can be converted to 3d).
I mean, I want to show people some highres sbs 3D youtube videos(without conversion).
Is there a search option? I can’t seem to find it.

Kind regards

@Hazuki Please tap and look at the “+” button on the left side of LeiaTube, it will explain everything.

Basically, you can copy any URL (from YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, or any other video playing site) into the URL box, or you can simply use the “Share” feature of those apps, and share the video to LeiaTube. Either way, the video will play in 3D in LeiaTube.

Also, I love your username, I’m a huge fan of Shenmue.

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It’s on the plus + icon. Seems to work well for single videos, but I wish there was a way to save a history or make a playlist, as it’s hard to get the links when you want to demo to someone else.

Thanks for the quick reply, I got it to work via first starting Youtube and than using the share button.
By the way did I mention that I love the camera and screen of this device?
@Nima Haha, yeah Shenmue was and still is great!


Another thing I do on my youtube account for sharing in 3D later is to create playlists specifically for viewing in 3D.

Here’s a video I’m loving in LP2 right now! Breathtaking 3D!


I remember that video. They were playing it at Best Buy when the new LG OLED TV came out.

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I was watching it on Lume Pad 2 last week and it completely blew my mind. :star_struck:

I just watched it, wow, that was amazing!!!


Totally! We are seeing more filmmakers join the Leia Community! We’ll have to plan a 3D Film Festival soon! If anyone sees this and would like to participate, drop a comment! :slight_smile:

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