Found fix to use MicroSD card with LeiaPlayer

I am trying to play Kandao Ego videos (sbs) from the micro sd card with no success. they play, but only as sbs images, no 3D effect. This happens with both Nova and LeiaPlayer. What am I doing wrong? LeiaPlayer keeps crashing when using through Nova.

The Auto-Detect feature doesn’t work from external storage.

Rename the photos and videos from Ego with “_2x1” at the end of the filename before .jpg or .mp4 and it’ll work in 3D.

Thank you, that works!

I am actually in the middle of ripping all my 3D blu rays and they look fantastic. The only issue that the Leia Player is still stretching 16:9 content to fill the whole screen so movies look a little stretched vertically but they already confirmed there is a fix for this on the next FW update. Regarding quality, that also depends at what bitrate you rip your blu rays, I think im ripping them at 13000 kbps so each movie is about 8-10 GB probably overkill for this tablet but I also have a 65 inch 3D TV so I want the movies to have a large yet reasonable bitrate.