Guide: How to stream your own 3D-SBS or 2x2-4V videos from your PC to Lume Pad using Jellyfin & MPV-4V (Works with RH1 too)

I’ve created a solution for Streaming SBS 3D or 2x2 4V Content from your computer(Mac/PC/Linux) via Jellyfin and viewing it on your Lume Pad or Hydrogen One via my special fork of MPV Player for Android I’m calling MPV-4V

No more manually transcoding or transferring large video files :smiley:

Check it out here:


Thank you very much for working on these! I’m going to take a look at this a bit later.

I’ve got my movies sitting in a NAS running Plex currently, so I’m hoping to get to a point where I could stream straight from the NAS. This may get me there if I can perhaps run Jellyfin on the NAS, pointing at the same folder.

Ooh, I just got a little excited. I found, and my NAS does very well running Docker.


Nice! Excited to hear how it works out for ya!

FYI I just updated the .apk file on the release page so that you no longer need to leave the player and return to it when toggling the leia modes. if you already downloaded/installed the apk, you may want to reinstall with the latest one :slight_smile: