Guide: How to stream your own 3D-SBS or 2x2-4V videos from your PC to Lume Pad using Jellyfin & MPV-4V (Works with RH1 too)

I’ve created a solution for Streaming SBS 3D or 2x2 4V Content from your computer(Mac/PC/Linux) via Jellyfin and viewing it on your Lume Pad or Hydrogen One via my special fork of MPV Player for Android I’m calling MPV-4V

No more manually transcoding or transferring large video files :smiley:

Check it out here:


Thank you very much for working on these! I’m going to take a look at this a bit later.

I’ve got my movies sitting in a NAS running Plex currently, so I’m hoping to get to a point where I could stream straight from the NAS. This may get me there if I can perhaps run Jellyfin on the NAS, pointing at the same folder.

Ooh, I just got a little excited. I found, and my NAS does very well running Docker.


Nice! Excited to hear how it works out for ya!

FYI I just updated the .apk file on the release page so that you no longer need to leave the player and return to it when toggling the leia modes. if you already downloaded/installed the apk, you may want to reinstall with the latest one :slight_smile:


Beautiful, thank you so much, works flawlessly :clap:
Any chance Top and Bottom media will be supported?

Thanks again,


During this weekend I had some time to install Jellyfin and MPV. I have ripped a blu ray 3D using DVDFAB and trying to use two options: the first as “3D MKV.MVC passthrough” that created an mkv file that apparently is played only as 2D (and I have read that basically this encodes info for 3D that needs special players, so… my mistake); when using this file, whatever player Jellyfin client uses in lumepad, including MPV, is 2D. Then I have used options to create mp4 side-by-side (full-size). When I try to play, if I use Jellyfin default player or any other player works as side-by-side, as expected, but when I set as external player MPV an error message appears (don’t remember exactly which one, something like “wrong player” that appears for a moment). What could be wrong? Is some codec missing?

Can this be made to work with SMB file shares instead of JellyFin?

i could add that pretty easily. i have a look into it soon

when you look at the output of the transcoded mkv file, do you see side by side images? (guess it depends on what player you preview with… VLC might automatically put it in left eye only or right eye only)

id try encoding to h.264 or h.265 ive had mixed results with mkv pass thru containers.

are you on mac or pc? have you tried handbrake?

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theoretically i think some kind of network server could be set up.

the first file (mkv, created as “3D MKV.MVC passthrough”) looks only one image whatever player I open. Even opening with handbrake that states in the dimension tab Source: 1920x1080 PAR 1/1. The second attempt by which I have created mp4, I see always side-by-side, and according to Handbrake Source: 3840x1080 PAR 1/1. Server is on Windows 10. According to the Log of DVDFab it is encoded h264; as matter of fact the mp4 is only 4.92 GB versus the 28.4GB of the passthrough mkv. Do you suggest to encode it with Handbrake? In that case do you have any suggested output settings?

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After recoding with handbrake (output m4v h264 30 FPS 3840x804 pixels) it works. Only I had to manually set in “Advanced” of your software aspect ratio 16:9. Great work!

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yay im so glad to hear! hope youre able to enjoy many films :slight_smile:

Thank you. This player much better than official Leiaplayer. I can watch local 3D movies on my internal storage and playing subtitles too flawlessly. I hope you can add other supported 3D movies such as Top Bottom (OU) 1x2, not only SBS 2x1.

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can you stream games with a depth map using this technique?

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This is too amazing. A second member of my household purchased a Lume after mine running this program. Is there a patreon or page to donate? I would love if in the future, there’s a way to do O/U – I didn’t realize how many old O/U 3D movies I had which have no SbS versions.


thanks! ill try to add o/u support this weekend.

my brand new patreon page:
paypal is
venmo: jacobdowns3
cashapp: $jakedowns7


Love the enthusiasm JCat! Welcome to the community as well! Let me know if you have any questions or ideas! I’m Marlon, Social and Community Manager :dizzy:

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@alvarinni @Johnny @JCat

I’ve released an updated build with Top/Bottom / Over/Under (TB / OU) support :smiley:

You can download the updated APK here:


Lets goooo @jakedowns!!! :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag:


Wow, that is awesome. Going to try it out soon!

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