Moonlight3D for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D

You can now wirelessly stream your PC in 3D :sunglasses:

Moonlight3D is on the Leia Appstore now!

Any and all content in Half-Width SBS format on your PC will be supported. Stream 3D media, software, and games to your 3D tablet.

Moonlight3D is a fork of the open source Moonlight Project, which is a wireless PC streaming solution primarily for playing PC games, but can work for anything. For any troubleshooting questions relating to the app itself or getting a PC connected, please ask all your questions directly on the Moonlight Discord and other forums where questions about Moonlight are fielded. Moonlight 3D works EXACTLY like Moonlight except for the 3D feature, so Leia will not be providing Moonlight-specific support or troubleshooting, only support regarding the 3D feature.

To enable Moonlight3D, first set up your PC. If you have a PC with an Nvidia graphics card, go to GeForce Experience and enable Nvidia Gamestream. If you have another kind of PC, download and set up the Sunshine app. Using Sunshine, Moonlight3D also supports remote streaming, meaning you can leave your Windows Desktop and home and stream it to your tablet when you’re traveling. For the best results, set your PC’s display resolution to a resolution with a 16:10 ratio such as 2560x1600 to ensure it will fill the screen of your tablet when streaming.

Moonlight3D streams your PC wirelessly in 2D by default, but by tapping and holding three fingers on your screen, you can toggle back and forth between 2D and 3D. Note: tapping quickly with three fingers will bring up and dismiss the on-screen touch keyboard just like in the original Moonlight app, so be wary that they’re slightly different gestures.

Moonlight3D also supports any gamepad, keyboard, or mouse connected to Lume Pad 2 or Nubia Pad 3D either through the USB-C port or through Bluetooth. It will pass the inputs to the PC remotely while the PC display is being streamed to your tablet

Moonlight3D Version 11.0:

  • Initial version for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D
  • Wireless streaming of your PC’s primary monitor to your tablet
  • Leia stylings including color palette and app icon
  • Support for Half-Width SBS games, images, and video on PC
  • Support for wired and wireless gamepads, keyboards, and mice connected to your tablet

I’m excited to release this so our users can see what cutting-edge AAA PC games look like on the Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D’s incredible display, and enable an entirely new class of content creator to use their tablet as a live 3D monitor of their professional creations on their PC.

What will you use it for?


This is amazing news.
I have an 4000 series gpu, fast router and a lumepad!
Can’t wait for people to figure out how to make this run on the lume pad (1).
Lume pad 2 is not in my budget right now

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YES!!! amazing, can’t wait to jump into it, so many possibilities beyond what’s already available. thank you!

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Is there also a way to connect it via USB-C to reduce latency or when out somewhere and wifi isn’t available?

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You should go ask around on Moonlight’s forums like Discord. If there’s a way to do it with Moonlight, it will work with Moonlight3D.

I do know a USB-C Ethernet adapter will work if you want to plug your Lume Pad 2 and computer into your router for the lowest possible latency.

Thank you so much but I am in the EU area… no discount there.

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I thought Moonlight3D would also do 2D->3D conversion like LeiaTube??

No, as mentioned in the past, it’s only for Half-Width SBS 3D content for the initial release.

Bug report: I’m running Moonlight 3D on my Lume Pad 2, with Sunshine server on my PC. It shows my PC desktop just fine in 2D mode, and it switches to 3D with the 3-finger tap. In 3D mode, each of the HSBS squeezed halves seems to be correctly expanded. However, the left and right halves of HSBS videos and images are not properly aligned. They are shifted horizontally about one inch relative to each other, which makes the display unwatchable. Shouldn’t the two halves be superimposed?

This mis-alignment is consistent over all of the HSBS content I have tested (HSBS videos played in VLC, images displayed in parallel anamorphic mode in StereoPix, and HSBS YouTube videos).

My PC monitor is 1920x1200, which is 16x10 like the Lume Pad 2 screen, but with fewer pixels. I don’t know if that is relevant. Has Moonlight 3D been tested with a 1920x1200 monitor? Thanks.


This seems like whatever you’re playing the Half-Width SBS content in isn’t displaying it correctly. To test, you can try playing Half-Width SBS content in a media player without explicit 3D support BUT for it to work you have to ensure the total aspect ratio of the content (both views squeezed in half) is equal to or WIDER than the display resolution. If you’re playing content that’s taller, that will cause issues in all apps except those with explicit Half-Width SBS support like StereoPhoto Maker.

I’ve tried it and it worked for me. But you should try to set your internal resolution at a different resolution and see if that helps. For example set your resolution to 2560x1600 manually. This feature is done differently with different GPUs and has different requirements. For example, with my AMD GPU it required me to turn off the GPU Scaling feature to allow me to choose arbitrary resolutions.

You should also check the resolution settings and other options in the Moonlight3D settings menu and see if playing around with any of those work.

Edit: disregard my question. Just realized it is a question for an entirely different app. Doh!

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My apologies. I had played with all the Settings in Sunshine, but completely overlooked the Settings icon for Moonlight3D. On the Settings menu, the first item (Video Resolution) was set to 720p for some unknown reason. Once I changed it to “Native (2560x1600)”, everything worked. No other changes were necessary.

A small suggestion for your software people: Before releasing the app again, try to make the resolution default to “Native” (if that is possible).

Kudos to Leia for creating this app!


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Very cool! I can view 3D from Stereo Photo Maker, Stereoscopic Player, and PotPlayer! I am running Nvidia Gamestream. I didn’t change resolution from 1920x1080 so SPM and SP don’ttotally fill the tablet screen. But on PotPlayer, totally full screen 3D on the Lume Pad 2 for some reason. Well done, Leia!!!

(David- where is the gear for the Moonlight 3D app?)


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Right after opening the Moonlight3D app, before you select your host computer, you should see a gear icon in the upper left corner. (I overlooked it many times myself.)



Thanks for the feedback, we’ll explore it for the next version. We’re trying to mess with the project as little as humanly possible so it works 100% the same as the 2D version, but something like this might be easy and shouldn’t rock the boat too much.



No, but as Nima suggested, you can purchase a USB-C to Ethernet. Make sure to get one that it for 1Gbps instead of the cheaper 100Mbps. You can also just buy a mini router with WiFi 6 and either a 2 port or 4 port LAN hub built in. Another choice if you are using a Intel 12th gen processor and have M.2 based WiFi card, is to switch it out with Intel Killer series, that has two modems to allow for a dedicated gaming RF connection. In any case WiFi 6 at close distances provides a solid, low latency connection.

@Nima there is a company that makes a USB product called ‘SuperDisplay’ that provides a low-latency connection to its PC Win Service that works really well for using tablets for external monitors. You can also hook up your gamepad via USB as well for an even better low-latency game performance. It also supports touch.

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Hi Nima,

I know you want to support the latest Leia Pad, but I have been running MoonLight Android on your the 1st Gen with no problem. If I understand properly, you just need the output to be presented as SBS, which sadly is no longer supported by NVIDIA. That means you will have to set this up in your gaming engine unless I am missing something. I have heard of an opensource app to create the same effect, but haven’t tried it.

What is the status of realtime depth processing? Isn’t that what is done in your YouTube app?

Also, yes it supports gamepads, but not the full complement of DS4 or DualSense features, eg touchpad or gyro. There is a way around this if you are close enough to your PC to connect USB directly, but make sure you add latency delay in Steam or DSWindows to match the Wifi (or Ethernet) delay.

Lots of games already support Half-Width SBS out of the box, and there’s an easy mod to make it work on almost any PC game.

As far as native support, I recommend Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dolphin Emulator (Wii and GameCube), and Citra (Nintendo 3DS). Elite: Dangerous also works, but I don’t recommend it as much because their engine does SBS in low-resolution for some reason.

As far as mods go, you can use SuperDepth3D which mods PC games to run in Half-Width SBS and works with countless AAA games on PC. I love it, and the dev (BlueSkyDefender) is a great guy. Feel free to ask him for help/troubleshooting on his Discord.

Finally, HelixMod also manages a database of mods for games and emulators, many of them 3D mods. I haven’t tried them, but they have mods for Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, Half-Life, Sonic Frontiers, and more. They do usually post in-game 3D photos from the titles they’ve modded, and many of them look AMAZING on Lume Pad 2.

This version of Moonlight3D only supports Half-Width SBS.

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it’s working great!! I’m using the standard Reshade from here:
It has a setup app where you can select installed games and the Depth3D/Superdepth3D plugin. I usually use the DX10/11 version but some games/apps like OpenGL.

When in game, you hit the home key on the pc keyboard to open the menu and enable SBS 3D in the installed superdepth3D. It has good sliders, just slide the menu to a corner and use the top sliders to dial in the separations. You can also set a 3D enable key and presets for games/apps.

I’m playing Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy (PC/Steam) and its AWESOME. It did take some tweaking, I had to change the depth mode, convergence but eventually got it into a really nice depth field. I also played Rise of the Tomb Raider this way, Reshade’s 3D is better than the built in SBS.

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