Is Moonlight3D available yet?

In the top 10 questions, “6. Can I stream content from my PC to Lume Pad 2?” Moonlight 3D is mentioned. Is there any guide on how to use Moonlight 3D app and how to stream exactly?

Thank you!

Moonlight 3D will be coming out in less than two weeks.

It works exactly the same way as Moonlight does.

I recommend setting up Moonlight on your Lume Pad 2 in the meantime to ensure you’re prepared for when Moonlight 3D comes out.

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Will moonlight 3d work with the lumepad (1) also? I am dying to use my lumepad as a 3d Monitor for my games.

Moonlight 3D uses the Leia CNSDK for Lume Pad 2. It will not be released for the original Lume Pad (2020).

However, Moonlight is a fully open source project. Anyone could make a fork of Moonlight and modify it for use on the original Lume Pad.

On the PC side, will Moonlight 3D have the same hardware requirements as Moonlight (i.e. NVIDIA Geforce graphics card)? I ask because my PC has an NVIDIA Quadro card, which is not compatible with Moonlight, I think.

@David_in_VA it does have the same requirement, but I believe you can either switch drivers to use the GeForce drivers with the Quattro card to get GameStream support, or alternatively just set up and use the Sunshine stream server software.

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Thanks, @Nima. I will try your suggestions. I’m not a gamer, but I’m eager to see whether Moonlight 3D will allow the Lume Pad 2 to function as a 2nd PC monitor, specifically for displaying SPM, StereoPix, and StereoPix ROOMS. The lenticular tablets can do this with SpaceDesk, but I’d rather be using LP2 with its great head-tracking.

Will Moonlight 3D work with VLC and show videos in 3D? I can use Moonlight with VLC currently.

As long as they run in Half-Width SBS on your PC, they will work through Moonlight 3D.

As long as the video files are Half-Width SBS or you can modify VLC’s settings to display them in Half-Width SBS, it will work with Moonlight 3D.

Moonlight 3D is available now: Moonlight3D for Lume Pad 2 and Nubia Pad 3D

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