GUIDE - How to play STEAM games in 3D on Lume Pad 2

Very similar method to how I play games in 3D in a VR headset, so I made a helpful guide: GUIDE - How to play STEAM Games in 3D on your LUME PAD 2 - YouTube

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Super useful! Thanks for sharing a guide on how people can mod almost ANY of their PC games to run in 3D to use with Lume Pad 2!

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Happy to help, I know how difficult some things can be to figure out without guides.

Can you hook the game pad up to the lume pad 2 and use it with moonligh3D instead of connecting it directly to the PC?

Yes, as mentioned in the release post. Works with both USB-C and with Bluetooth. You can connect the gamepad either directly to the PC or to the Lume Pad 2 and it’ll work beautifully.

It’ll also work the same way with Mouse/Keyboard too.

How can we see what steam games work with the pad ? And can i ask if I buy the pad in USA, i assume it will work when i fly back to uk, it works in uk ofc ?

how long is the sale on for ?

If you can convert any Unreal game on Steam into SBS using the Reshade Method, it will work. Also there are some games that came with a SBS mode by default, for example ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ there is a handy list here as well of games with natural SBS support: List of stereoscopic video games - Wikipedia

epic, thanks so much, how is playing games on the 3d tablet is it a big difference ?

Well seing as I can no longer get a 3D monitor it fills my needs :wink: Both the 3D tablet and VR gives me my 3D fixes.

thanks but id it a matter of paying in games in 3d is so awesome that you cannot go back ? Or its more of a gimmick you sometimes use ?

Well Ive been 3D gaming over 10 years, started with the ELSA 3D Glasses plating games in 3D on my PC. With this tablet its now all mobile. Also 3D is what got me into VR 5 years ago, never looked back.
Plus these 3D tablets are more than just gaming, you talking 3D photo’s, 3D art creation. Watching 3D movies like Avatar 2 etc.

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How is watching Avatar 2 in 3d on the tablet, would you choose it over watching on a 3d projector ?

Cannot compare never had a 3D projector

But you love 3d! honestly tis project is 4k 3d active shutter and awesome, Optoma UHZ50