Play 3D video stream?


I’m working on a personal project where I plan to have a 3D video stream created by StereoPi and play it on the Lume Pad 2.

I have few question regarding this.

  • Will Lume Pad 2 be able to play livestream created by StereoPi. StereoPi Wiki
  • If yes what would the steps be to make it work?
  • If no, could you suggest any other 3D camera which can create stream supported by “Lume Pad”
  • If there are no other options can I program the software to make it work (I’m software engineer)


You can stream SBS video from a PC using Moonlight3D. You’d just have to open the video stream on your computer (using any app that can go full screen) and then Moonlight3D will send that to the tablet.


If you can get it onto a website or YouTube, you can try opening the SBS stream in LeiaTube and it’ll “just work”, albeit with some delay.

If you want more control over it and want to reduce latency, make an Android app that decodes your 3D video stream and use the Leia SDK to make it viewable in 3D on Lume Pad 2.