Viewing stereoscopic RTSP streams using moonlight

My objective is to watch a live 3D side-by-side stereoscopic video stream over a network using the RTSP protocol. Does moonlight support viewing RTSP streams? If so, how? For reference, I use the “USB Camera” Android app on my phone. It can stream RTSP from the phone’s internal camera and if you plug in a stereoscopic USB camera it will stream SBS. You can view the stream on a VR headset but I would like to view it on the Leia Lume with depth.

Moonlight3D mirrors a PC. So if you can get the RTSP stream displaying as Half-Width SBS on a PC, it’ll work in Moonlight3D.

Hi Nima,
Thank you for your prompt reply.
I apologise but I made a mistake and posted to the wrong forum. The App that I wish to use is not Moonlight but LeiaTube where I would like to view a live rtsp feed sent in side-by-side format. I will re-post my question in the LeiaTube section.