Watching a live side-by-side RTSP stream in LeiaTube

My objective is to watch a live 3D side-by-side stereoscopic video stream over a network using the RTSP protocol. Does LeiaTube support viewing RTSP streams? If so, how? If not, is there a way of doing this (now or planned)?
For reference, I use the “USB Camera” Android app on my android phone with a stereoscopic USB camera connected to it. The USB Camera app then streams RTSP in side-by-side format. You can view the stream on a VR headset but I would like to view it on the Leia Lume with depth. No “conversion to 3D” would then be needed as the stream is in SBS.

LeiaTube doesn’t support RTSP. It supports HLS and MPEG-DASH. If you convert your stream to one of those and host it, it will work with LeiaTube as you’d expect.