Just tried Moonlight3D - But NO 3D?

I got Moonlight 3D installed and working with my PC. I play a lot of games in 3D on my Quest Pro so I tried a game that had Half SBS enabled. But when running the game with Moonlight3D on my LUME PAD 2 it did not convert the sbs into 3D? - I could not find any options in Moonlight3D to enable SBS / Half SBS etc? - Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

As mentioned in the description in the Leia Appstore, you have to tap and hold with three fingers on your screen to switch to and from 3D Mode.

Here’s more information:

That worked thanks, sorry it was not easy to see the info.

i also tried this and it never worked

yes i got it to display sbs and used the 3 fingers and it never switched to 3D

not a user error. its software that don’t work correctly.

NEVER had problems with any other 3D software. but nothing on here works as discribed

Uninstall Moonlight3D completely and install it from the Leia Appstore again.

Then try the gesture again when running Half-Width SBS content and let me know what happens.

I have already tried that and it just sits @ the sbs screen

Are you holding the three fingers for longer than one second? It’s a tap and hold.

What is your version of Moonlight3D, your version of Leia FaceTracking, and your version of Leia DisplayConfig?

this was done on the last version that some how every one else got working but not @ my end. I really haven’t been messing with this thing cause the updates don’t work for me.
or my tablet is just defective.

If you’re unable to follow the trouble shooting steps I will have to assume user error is causing the problem.

If your tablet is defective, you can replace it under warranty or return it.