Moonlight3D with Lume Pad 2 as extended monitor?

Is this possible? I enabled gamestream in the Nvidia experience. Moonlight discovered it. I was only able to mirror content that showed as supported through nvidia’s app, in this case steam.

Is there way to make this in additional external wireless monitor?

I really don’t need it to stream a game to say I would like to have an expanded monitor where I could drag over side by side content running from my windows PC outside of steam, like a web browser, VLC, and some programs that can open MP0 files or simple side by side images/videos.

I found a way to add other applications/exe
When I hold 3 buttons to enable 3d it changes something but it not displaying in 3d.

I tried YouTube sbs videos and stereo photo viewer.

Maybe it’s resolution miss match?
It looks to display only the left half making it full screen on the tablet.

Fix the 3D issue realize nothing was in 3D anymore even internal apps had to reboot the tablet now I’m able to view my side-by-side pictures published through the wireless video stream to the tablet. But I wonder if a extended desktop could be possible where the tablet sits there ready for side by side content to be dragged to it freeing up the original monitor for other tasks

Yes. It’s a bit of a hassle to do with Nvidia Gamestream, but it’s super easy to do with Sunshine and a headless monitor adapter. Buy a cheap headless monitor adapter and plug it into your computer or graphics card. Then just download and set up Sunshine and by default “Desktop” will be one of the options presented in Moonlight3D. Then adjust Windows monitor settings until it looks good for you.

Install sunshine got that working also.

Can any of these options be used and a 2nd monitor for the table vs mirroring?

As mentioned above, yes, but you need to use a headless monitor adapter. Windows makes it very difficult to create an extra virtual monitor, so using a physical adapter is needed to create one you can use for apps like Moonlight3D.

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Ah ok Googled headless monitor adapter.

Are there any plans to use the sbs 3 finger 3d toggle feature when running anything on the tablet. This can be very useful outside of moonlight.

It doesn’t work that way. We can’t add it to the OS or use it in other apps. It works in Moonlight3D because we put it in Moonlight3D. If there was a way to do that in Fortnite or YouTube, we would have done it a long time ago.

Ah ok I figured forcing 3d mode for sbs could be done at hardware display level. Of course it only benefits true full screen side by side. It would be irrelevant to the rest of the OS or none sbs software. Just the software that can display full screen side by side. I thought my old LG thill did this. I ll have to see if it starts up
But it had some interesting features if my memory serves me right.

Would one possible use be for viewing 3d models from a DCC? I imagine there would need to be an app that is compatible with Lume Pad 2 though? I’m really just looking for a better alternative than LeiaViewer, as it doesn’t support anything other than a base color map, when if fact, we desperately need metallic, roughness and normal map information.

Yup, if any existing app just adds the Leia SDK (which is really easy!) it will work without issue. Please reach out to developers of apps with the features you like and ask them to add the Leia SDK.