Seeing existing 3D movies/cartoons on Lumepad

Something I have noted in Lumepad is that, while if I see for example with Leiatube some SBS video from Youtube I can notice sometimes artifacts and unnatural ghosts making not very attractive those videos, the examples that can be seen with Leiaplayer (e.g. the trailer of Disney cartoon Coco) are simply amazing, impressive. I have the Blu Ray 3D of some of them, and I can firmly state that it is really like seeing the same without wearing glasses! Simply perfect, in most of the viewing angle, so that I could use that to let children watch cartoons without risk of tiring their eyes.
When I see their format with some other player, I can see that they are 4v, not simply SBS. Is that the reason why they are so good? How can be obtained if one has original Blue Ray? I imagine that the only way should be rip the blue ray, transfer the content on a PC and then use Lightfield Studio to convert them in 4V: am I correct?


Yeah I have the same issue where the 4V conversion is good most of the time, but for certain content, forcing it to just display original L/R Stereo looks best.

I posted (early this morning) a guide for streaming SBS 3D and 2x2 4V video content from your PC to your Lume Pad / Hydrogen 1: Guide: How to stream your own 3D-SBS or 2x2-4V videos from your PC to Lume Pad using Jellyfin & MPV-4V (Works with RH1 too)

Check it out and let me know if you need any guidance setting it up. It’s like you suggest tho, rip the Blu-Rays, serve them using Jellyfin, and then view them on device with Jellyfin configured to use my special 4V fork of MPV Player

If you find it helpful, there’s donation links in the release notes. :wink:

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Hey @m.farina,

The Lume Pad’s DLB technology was designed to be the most comfortable 3D experience possible. This is due to the wide viewing angle and multiple views, which gives users a sense of parallax in addition to stereoscopy. At a nanoscale, the way the DLB steers light is more conducive to reducing or eliminating vergence-accomodation conflict than other 3D solutions due to truly being light field technology at it’s core.

That said, this only applies to content designed for Lume Pad and 4V from the ground up. As you’ve seen, there are many different technologies used in various Leia apps and software to make standard 2D and 3D (SBS) content and make them Lightfield. In some cases, the trade-off for the comfort of 4V when doing conversions may be reduced depth or artifacts. That’s why we offer the solution for advanced users to view content in it’s original stereo (ST), which might have more depth but we’ve found is also uncomfortable to some consumers who are new to 3D.

The best method for getting 2D or 3D video content to look great on Lume Pad in 4V is to use Lightfield Studio, which is a professional-quality conversion tool that will ensure the content looks the best it can. Real-time 2D and 3D conversion solutions like those in LeiaPlayer and LeiaTube we feel are the best the industry offers today, however, they still aren’t perfect for all kinds of content all of the time. We’re constantly working on that, and they will only continue to get better over time.

Thanks for joining us in this journey to give all the photos, videos, games, and apps in the world more light and depth than ever before and share our love of 3D with everyone else :smiley:


Thanks @jakedowns : it looks like I have to buy a Blue ray reader for my PC :grin: (at the moment I only have the 3D Sony Blue Ray for TV) and spend some time to do all the steps (ripping, 4V conversion) before streaming. Not sure when this will happen -pretty busy time-, but it will happen and let you know my feedback. Anyway I have the impression you are doing a huge and amazing amount of work.
Thanks as always to @nima too for clarification.


I’d just add, for the backups of your Blu-Rays, you shouldn’t need the extra step of running them thru Lightfield Studio / Converting them to 4V, you should be able to just point Jellyfin to the folder containing your ripped SBS movie files, and you’ll be able to view them on Jellyfin Android using my LitByLeia 2x1 option.

Unless, like Nima points out, you find one that is particularly uncomfortable to watch, then you may want to pre-convert it to 4V, save as 2x2 and stream it over jellyfin

OR let the lume pad convert it in real time. but for that, afaik, you’d need to copy the file directly to the Lume Pad. (for now…)

LeiaTube or LeiaPlayer may integrate with something like Plex or Jellyfin in the future. :crossed_fingers:
Or, maybe ill add real time 4V conversion to my fork of MPV 4V player :wink:

Side note: i only have support for 2x1 and 2x2 right now. If any of your films are over-under format, they wouldnt work. Ill work on adding support for that soon