3D YouTube Content?

If I take a 3d video of mine from YouTube, press share and then share to lume tube, it converts my SBS video to 3d using ML. Does it not detect that the YouTube video is 3d and then just port it to the lume format?

Whats the best way to view YouTube 3d content on the tablet?

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I meant it literally converts a SBS to two images with fake depth. Not clear how to edit a post on mobile.

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Hey Chris,

Usually the AI should detect that it’s an SBS and display it properly without conversion. If it doesn’t, you can manually select the format in the top right of LeiaTube.

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This video doesn’t work for instance: Shark Alley, Gansbaai South Africa - S3D - YouTube

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That’s strange Chris, it works perfectly for me! It even auto-detects that it’s 3D so no fussing with manually changing the format to get it to work.

Have you made sure that LeiaTube is fully updated on your device through the Leia Appstore?

It works perfectly on the lume pad 1, Great video!