Is there a way to convert 3D content we already own to 4V to play on red & lume?

Like 3D blu rays or 3DS vid/pics or other 3D media (you tube etc)

Thanks! And if I missed a thread (I looked,) you can point me that way :slight_smile:

Hey @Godzilla,

Any 3D content can be played back on Lume Pad if converted to SBS and the filename appended with β€œ_2x1”. For photos, we recommend SBS .jpg, and for videos, we recommend SBS .mp4.

For example, for Nintendo 3DS photos like you mentioned, you can simply convert the .mpo into a .jpg so it looks like β€œ3DS_pic_2x1.jpg” and it’ll open in LeiaPlayer on Lume Pad without an issue.

Tools like StereoPhoto Maker, Handbrake, and other apps may help you with conversions.

We will be releasing newer versions of LeiaPlayer soon that will support even more formats without the need to convert them.