Ripped 3D blu-rars do NOT play on LP as is

A guy on YouTube said he had a ripped 3D blu ray of Avatar on his LP. I tried this and it shows both images, as if they are one-on-top of the other, but there is no depth, or very little. Basically, none.

I use Brorsoft software. Sbs, half, in MKV. I tried many different experiments, converting it into MP4, avi, mov…none of them produce the 3D effect that is on my 3D TV, or the depth I see on the LP.

Does the file have to be adapted by Light field Studios first?

So far I see no value in putting ripped 3D Blu rays on an LP.

'Course this does not mention the legality of all this. Heh-heh.

Check this out, on YouTube, please:

Lume Pad Tablet Overview and Impressions - A 3D Android Tablet With No Glasses, Wow!
UrGamingTechie. March 1, 2022.

He shows Avatar & Moana in his file folder, and claims to watch them in awesome 3D.

How is he doing this?

I figured out a complete process using free software on this thread here. My target device was the RED Hydrogen One but since then I have bought a Lume Pad and the same video files work.

I’ll check that out. Thanks.

I’ve ripped a bunch of 3D Blu-ray movies. I went for ease of use and used DVDFab’s Blu-ray Ripper as it supported 3D ripping natively. The resulting files play well locally giving the appropriate 3D presentation.

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I mean, am I using the wrong software? Brorsoft is what I’m using, and I am completely frustrated now. I went to that other guy’s thread, and did everything he suggested.

I attempted to do a few 3D shorts, and there is no depth. It does NOT look 3D at all on the LP. I’ll check out this other software another person recommended, but, so far, I’m battin’ a thousand. No success.

Could you tell me what settings you use? I have set it for many things, trying to get it right. The ones that will even show an image is MKV & MP4. SBS, half, and I rename it at the end to “_half_2x1.mp4”. (No quotation marks, of course). Every video, and I have tried many over the last few days (which are in 3D on the Blu ray, of course), is very clear, but there is NO depth at all.

The software you suggested is WAY out of my price range.

Oops. I found a very cheap version of Dvdfab Ripper on Amazon. Sorry.

SO FAR I stand by my original topic in the subject line: Ripped 3D blu-rays do NOT play on LP as is. If I were posting this now I would call it: Ripped 3D blu-rays are NOT in stereoscopic 3D on the Lume Pad.

No offense to ANY of you, really, but for now, I’m moving on, not gonna buy this Brorsoft, but wait in the future for such a thing to be reality. These files are NOT showing up on the LP in stereo. Thanks to you all for your help.

My free solution was: I rip 3D blu ray using MakeMKV (there is a time within which is free, but that time can be extended infinitely; of course if you find it very useful it would be fair to purchase it); this will create a backup file that is without protections and identical to the original (so huge). Then I use BD3D2MK3D that will process such a file to create SBS compressed that can is read on lumepad. I usually do not put the files on lumepad, but I stream them from a pc using Jellyfin and the app developed by @jakedowns.

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Thanks for that info, M. Farina!

If you want to play the files directly on the Lume Pad, you have to use mp4, you have to make it SBS, you have to follow Leia’s file naming convention, you have to use Leia’s player and once you load the video, you have to turn the 3D on.

Ok, it sounds like you have a video on over/under format, but then are clicking the 2D to 3D button in the bottom left corner, correct? This is just ‘converting’ it to 3D, which is why you still see the images duplicated. As far as it knows it’s a 2D video. First convert to SBS, then When it’s showing in 2D, in the top right corner click add 3D tag and select SBS.

This is not correct, LeiaPlayer also supports MKV and WEBM.

This is not correct. LeiaPlayer also plays back 2D content (which can be converted to 3D in real-time) as well as Quad Lightfield formats.

This is not correct. LeiaPlayer will automatically recognize SBS and Quad files with no change in the file name, as well as allowing users to use the 3D tagging feature to identify specific files as 3D without changing the filename.

This is also not correct, if the file is 3D it will play back in 3D automatically when opened.

More information about supported formats can be found here: Supported Filetypes in LeiaPlayer - Lume Pad

We’ve improved the app quite a bit in the last year so some of these are understandable misconceptions from before the updates in Q3 2021.

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What I said was indeed based on the old versions. I haven’t played with the 3D movies very much in a while.

But since Leia discontinued making LeiaPlayer for the RED Hydrogen One, what I said would still apply to the old version of LeiaPlayer on the RH1

Mostly. Some things from my response still hold: Quad Lightfield and WEBM are also supported on Hydrogen alongside Half and Full Width SBS, and 3D videos will still open in 3D by default when opened in LeiaPlayer on Hydrogen.

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