What is best software to use re backing up my 3D blu rays for play on Lumepad

I have EaseFab’s Losslesscopy software but it is creating terrible 3D MP4’s that have wonky/nonexistent 3D. Sigh. What is anyone else using that actually works ? Thanks

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This dude - all free and works - https://youtu.be/xmDCuGpTGZ4

Now I’m just playing around with differences visually between Full and Half, write speeds on file sizes, etc.

There is task and a half ahead but excited to be able to start it!

I was able to backup a disc from MakeMKV on Linux with an external BD player drive (USB) it was cheap, I think $40. However the BD3D2MKV only runs on Windows, sadly. Also, it took about 2 hours just to get the video file, and to convert it to SBS takes another 3 to 4 hours, depending on the length of the movie. Honestly, it’s a huge PITA.

Yes it is all a bit painful. And will take a looong time to get the ones converted that I want. And your time estimates are generous compared to what I am looking at :slight_smile: Hopefully someone will post a quicker alternative - just annoying that all of the ‘one stop shop’ software solutions just don’t work (for me anyway).

I could probably figure out how to do it with a VLC plugin, but sadly it’s kind of a gray area legally and I don’t want to mess with it.