SBS from 2D to 3D conversions

If I convert 2D to 3D on the web-based LeiaPix converter, I can export the result to a number of formats including SBS.
But if I do the same 2D to 3D conversion on my Lume Pad 2, the only export option I have is LIF. Why can’t I export a 2D to 3D conversion to SBS on my Lume Pad 2 the same way I can on the web-based converter?

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The novel view synthesis code is different between the two, it requires rendering to generate the file.

It could come to LeiaPlayer in the future, but it doesn’t exist for now.

Until then, you can just use LeiaPix Converter on your Lume Pad 2 and upload the LIF. However, I recommend just uploading the 2D file before conversion to LeiaPix Converter so you get the maximum quality.