Software to edit stereo pairs on LumePad

What would make the LumePad MUCH more useful is if there was a way to edit the stereo pairs like in Stereo Photo Maker. Where are you could adjust the alignment, and most importantly crop. Also then save the new file. I’m no expert, but it seems like it would be easy to implement. Also, it would be GREAT if you could zoom in on the picture like in Stereo Photo Maker, again, it seems like this would be easy to implement.

Currently we allow 3D Focus editing of LIF files, but if you want to edit further, you need to export the file as an SBS and use a tool like StereoPhoto Maker.

But our computers do not have 3-D displays, so doing it on the LumePad and seeing the results immediately would be a huge help.

How do you export a converted file to SBS? Is it possible to export the depth map?

The automatic conversion to 3-D is not perfect, sometimes it puts objects too far away or too close. It would be great if you could edit to the depth map on the LumePad to correct these mistakes.

You can use the Lume Pad 2 as a 3D monitor for PC using Moonlight3D. And a lot of people have 3D monitors and headsets they can use on PC to see 3D.

Just hit the share button LeiaPlayer and SBS will be an option for LeiaCam photos.

Not on Lume Pad 2, but you can with LeiaPix Converter.

You can on LeiaPix Converter.

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