Can't export 3D photos from Lume Pad 2 . Only 2D JPG's


What is the method of exporting 3D photo’s taken with Lume Pad to my Windows 3D Laptops? Side by side or MPO will do. When I tried, I only got 2D versions. It is the same with my original 2D photo’s converted to 3D (LIF ???)in Lume Pad. They just appear as 2D JPG’s on my Laptops.
My laptops are : Alienware 17 with Nvidia 3D Vision full HD screens, Samsung RF712 with Full HD 17" 3D display and Toshiba Qosmio X870 with Nvidia 3D Vision Full HD screens. Old tech but unbeatable for processing and editing 3D photographs and movies without having to export to another device for previewing in 3d.
Neither are the Lume Pad 3D JPG files recognised by the freeware 3D Stereo Photomaker app as 3D.
Lume Pad 2 being a “lightfield” device I also tried to view the the Lume Pad JPG’s in the app I use with my Lytro Illum lightfield camera, but no joy there either.
Lume Pad 2 has 2 lenses for capturing 3D images , so why can’t these image pairs be exported? The reason I ask is because I prefer to adjust, edit and crop my 3D work and view my finished 3D images projected on a large screen, or on a large TV, or now, load back onto the Lume Pad for small screen, glasses free viewing.
Hope Leia, or someone can help,


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Hi, I know there is a program out there called Lume2LRWin that extracts the left and right image of the photo’s taken with the Lumepad 2. I don’t have a download link but I found it in somewhere in these forums. I’m not sure there is a program that converts them straight to SBS format. Hope that helps.

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Date 14/05/2024 2:06:08 AM
Subject Re: [The 3D•AI Forum] [Feedback] Can’t export 3D photos from Lume Pad 2 . Only 2D JPG’s

Hello Hazuki,

Greetings from Australia.

Many thanks for your message. I found the link for Lume2LRWin in a post form Nima Z in

The address is:

I have downloaded but not installed it yet. I will let you know my results when I have tried it.

Kind regards,

George Borzyskowski

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What also works is, it allows to save the hidden layer as a separate picture. So, there are two free programs out there that do it.

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It’s really simple actually to do from the tablet. You don’t need third party software. First, open your 3D image in LeiaPlayer on the tablet. Click the “share” icon on the upper right (it looks like 3 points connected with a sideways V). In the middle click “Share As SBS Image”. You will see it turn into SBS in the preview. On the bottom under “Destination” is where you want to save it. You can click the 3 dots on the right hand side, then click “Google Photos” for the cloud, or the “File Manager” if you want to save it locally on the tablet.


Hi Andres,
Thanks for the generous help. So quick and easy. This is a big plus. I am very impressed by the Lume Pad 2 display technology and grateful that it was developed, but I’m missing an image/video sequencing app that is a bit more sophisticated than Leia Frame and allows saving different image sequences. I think for now, making 3D video sequences with sound, combining 3d Images and possibly 3d video sequences, and then importing into Lume Pad is is the answer.
Many thanks again and kind regards,

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Date 14/05/2024 4:35:58 AM
Subject [The 3D•AI Forum] [Feedback] Can’t export 3D photos from Lume Pad 2 . Only 2D JPG’s

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Ah yes that’s the simplest way :+1:

Lume2LRWin was created to convert many LumePad files in a batch mode.