Exporting as SBS from Leia Player

I would like to export the 3D images that Leia Player converted from 2D as SBS JPGs. I’ve seen some discussions here that suggest that this is possible, but I don’t see how to do it.

It’s not possible for 2D to 3D converted images. If you’d like to convert a 2D image into an SBS, use LeiaPix.com.

Thanks Nima. Is there a way to access LeiaPix.com through the Lume pad? or is it just through a browser?

You can access it through the browser on the Lume Pad! Just use the Chrome app.

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I can’t see where to export a SBS pair. I only can export those animations

After you choose “1 Repetition”, you choose the dropdown that says “MP4” either under Limited Export or Premium Export.