Is there a way to save leiapic pictures in 3D?

I saw there is a way to export to video or gif. But not a way to save the pictures in 3D. Or even be able to set as the tablet background would be cool.

You can export as an LIF (Leia Image Format) or SBS (Side By Side) which are both 3D formats. LIF only mostly works on Leia devices, but SBS should be recognized on almost all 3D devices.

You can set the Lume Pad’s background to a 3D wallpaper by choosing Immersive Wallpaper. However, there are only a few set ones, you can’t set your own picture as a wallpaper.

However if you get the LeiaFrame app, you can set your own pictures as a screensaver.

Yeah it doesn’t give me either of those options…I can only export to video or gif?

I’ll take a screenshot. A bit later when I’m with the lumepad and reply with it.

Here ya go. The is my export screen.

Is your app fully updated? What is the file type of the image you’re trying to export?

It should be. It updated them when I just turned on my lumepad a few days ago when. I got it.

And I dunno what format. It’s from the leiapix app. But I’d assume they upload to that in LIF format?

In the Leia appstore it says version 4.7

In the apps system settings for it it says version: 2.519068

Oh! Try to export from LeiaPlayer instead.

Oh I’m trying to save picture from other people from leiapix. It’s weird I can export then as video or gif. But I can’t save them as 3D files. I dug notice by own pics I’ve uploaded I can also export as a 2D image. But I can’t even save those in 3D format. Which also seems strange.

I tried sharing a pic from there to leiaplayer but it wouldn’t load it.

You can’t download full resolution 3D pictures from other people’s accounts because we don’t want people stealing other people’s content. Instead, you can bookmark the image on your LeiaPix account if you want to be able to view it again later.

Strangely, LeiaPix Online converter allows to save as SBS 3D format. But not on the Apps of the device.
I remember that they were working on the Lume, but don’t know what happened

LeiaPix Converter is your own images, so you can export full resolution SBS and LIF. LeiaPlayer is also your own images, so you can export SBS and LIF as well.

LeiaPix has you primarily viewing other people’s images, so we restrict the types of files you can export so that people don’t download and reupload other people’s content.

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I don’t find the option to share as SBS on LeiaPlayer. I remember using it in the past.

Hi David:

correction SBS export is still fully available in LeiaPlayer and has not changed. However, some file types like Quads are not supported. I don’t know when such a feature can be implemented, but please stay tuned for available updates to LeiaPlayer.