LeiaPix 2.3 now available!

LeiaPix 2.3 has just released and is available on the LeiaLoft Store.

It includes a bunch of new features:

  • A new Lume Pad Card UI: this new UI is designed from the ground-up to be optimized for Lume Pad.
  • Various UI improvements: Icons and the behavior of Profile Pages has been updated.
  • MPO filetype support: You can now upload MPO’s to LeiaPix!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

I hope you all like LeiaPix 2.3! More exciting updates for Lume Pad are coming over the summer.


congratulation and thank to the team to add mpo support and other features!!!


That’s awesome :+1: ! Just what I was hoping for, will be pretty great for Pictures shot on Fuji w1-w3 Cameras since they usually look mouch better in simple Stereo Mode. Excited to See what comes next!

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Thanks for all the hard work. We appreciate it.

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HMM MPOs from my Samsung NX1 with 45f1.8 3d lens make the video player directly crash a sample file can be downloaded from _SAM0010.MPO - Google Drive
when i convert the MPO to an sbs with 2x1 added it works and looks great :slight_smile:

cheers janosch

I can confirm that Leia Player Crashes when opening the File, Had anyone Success with MPOs from another Camera? The File opens fine in 3dSteroid, so it isn’t corrupted. edit, I also cannot View the MPO using Leia Pix 2.3 App, If I try to add the MPO File, Leia Pix doesn’t display it inside the Folder I copied it to.

Hey @JanoschSimon,

Not totally sure why your MPO isn’t working, but the team will look into it and hopefully we can fix the bug in the LeiaPix 2.4 release later this year, and a LeiaPlayer update paired alongside that.

Until then, we recommend converting unsupported files to SBS and using them on Lume Pad that way.

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Hey @JanoschSimon the team has been looking into this, but it seems like it’s pretty clear why it doesn’t work: it’s an MPO with 4 images embedded. We only support MPO’s with 2 views.

I also don’t see any disparity between each pair of images (the two full-sized ones are identical, as are the two thumbnail-sized ones). Not sure if there’s a disparity between a large and small image, but I can’t see any with the naked eye.

There isn’t really a good unified way for us to handle MPOs with 1 or 3+ images (we can’t programmatically tell which is left eye or right eye because it’s not tagged as such), so I think we’ll just ask you convert it to an SBS or 2-view MPO before putting it onto Lume Pad.

cant an option be available to select l/r where needed?

what happened to the sbs 3d option in leiapix? i do not see it in the options? same thing happened to leiaplayer but i found the option.

Today I have updated on my Lumepad but seen that the nice 3D option disappeared, so I’m avoiding to update my Hydrogens: what happened? Am I doing something wrong?

Hey @m.farina,

We answered the question here:

Ultimately, it was released in a build temporarily for testing. There will be a more final feature released that will resolve the need to view Stereo content in LeiaPix in the best way possible.


Sorry, overlooked that thread :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi there, there seems to be a bug in Leiapix: when opening it, it shows always the same two pictures at the top of the feed

@rich The LeiaPix Home Feed is totally unique for every user. The only reason you would see similar content on the top of your Feed is if you’re Following someone who’s content also happens to be very popular and new users are liking the content regularly every day or two AND it has a large like count, making it continue to be boosted to the top.

If that’s not the case for the content you’re mentioning, please send me a direct message with the links to the content and I will try to see if I can identify what’s causing your issue.