LeiaPix Version 2.5 is now available!

Hey everyone!

We’ve recently just released LeiaPix Version 2.5 for Lume Pad. It’s now available in the Leia App Store.

LeiaPix 2.5 has one crucial feature that users have been requesting: Stereo Post Support! Now anyone can turn on the toggle for “Show in Stereo 3D” and their post will be shown in stereo 3D to all users on version 2.5 and newer.

This allows creators to choose the default view mode that’s right for them.

We also allow users to go back and edit ANY of their pre-existing posts to enable the Stereo 3D toggle too! Just simply go to your Post and edit it, and you’ll be able to make the change.

For 2-view LIF, SBS, and MPO images, it will show the original 2 views in Stereo 3D view mode. If the image is a 4-view LIF or Quad Lightfield image, it will display the middle two views when the toggle is enabled.

Download the new LeiaPix and update your Stereo images today!

Here are the official release notes:

LeiaPix 2.5 Release Notes:

  • Stereo 3D Post Support
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

yesss! so stoked for this feature, even if it means i no longer need to release my LIFTools app for converting ST photos to 4V repeating the L/R images twice :smiley:


@jakedowns All the software tools you make are always much appreciated by us and the Lightfield community. Even if it’s not needed on Lume Pad and other future Leia platforms, our data does show that there are still quite a few users on older Leia platforms that might appreciate such a tool!


nice, well i might dust it off then.

seems like there’s still room for a streaming solution for pc 3d → LF device
and a nice wrapper around your horizontal panning video → 3d stills / 3d video ffmepg magic


After using the Lume Pad for over 6 months I have a couple of requests/suggestions.

  1. I got a lume pad as a gift for a relative who doesn’t live in the same country as me. It would be great if there was a feature that allowed direct sharing of photos or video with friends. In order to share 3d content that I have taken with the Lume Pad, the only way seems to be to upload it to a shared cloud folder and then have them download it before viewing, but that process can be cumbersome and complicated for some people.

  2. If there was some sort of shared album feature in Leia Player or way to add friends on Leipix and share specific photos with specific people that would be a great addition.

Also, right now it seems that whenever anyone on Leiapix adds new contents it all floods in. It would be nice to have the option to direct certain uploads just to specific categories so that not everything just shows up all together for everyone to see.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and I’m really looking forward to seeing what future features and apps come to the Lume Pad!

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@Nima any chance the 2.5 apk could be posted to the Final Builds page for RH1? Final Builds for RED Hydrogen One - RED Hydrogen :grin:

@jakedowns Unfortunately, we haven’t QA tested this version for RED Hydrogen One so we can’t distribute it there because there might be unforeseen issues. We’re committed to ensuring LeiaPix 2.4 continues to work on RED Hydrogen One for the foreseeable future.

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