SBS Video playback in version 2.17.31234 issue

I just want to say that Leia has the best tablet and the is best company. Is there a way to play a side-by-side 3D video in just 3D, without it being converted into 4V? Before the update you could chose 4v, 3D ( standers SBS ), and 2d mode. Now it’s just Leia icon and 2D. It’s kinda warping the image, in a not so nice way. You have the option to change the tag but it still plays in 4V mode. It kinda makes it not watchable. Sorry to be a bummer but having that other option to watch 3D video was awesome.


I second this. I like having the option in LeiaPlayer to toggle between 4V and ST on photos. It’d be great to have the option for videos LeiaTube for SBS videos


Hey @bombelkie and @jakedowns,

It’s pretty simple to get access to Stereo in LeiaPlayer: all you have to do is go to the ellipsis menu (three dots), tap Settings, and then turn on “Use advanced 3D Lightfield view switcher”.

For new users, we’ve found that having multiple 3D options is confusing, but we made sure that for enthusiasts like yourself we still let you switch between stereo and Lightfield with a simple switch :wink:


hello, what about Leipix and LeiTube?

LeiaTube and LeiaPix don’t currently support stereo view options.

Leiapix removed this recently, please add back as the 4v renders add bad artifacts in a lot of photos.
If choices like are remove or not add this will be a deal breaker for me and a $700 tablet


We released it as a test feature temporarily. There will be a solution presented for this feature in LeiaPix in the future.

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I also found that the 2D video plays with warping as well. ( The original footage every line is straight ) I managed to capture a still of a test video from a 3D camera.

It looks like the the ground is water ( can’t really see that in the 2D still image) but you can see the warping in the door frame in the upper left corner. It really isn’t something you would want to show people.

I love you guys and what you are doing, just think that the ST option was a step forward, and removing that option is a step back in my opinion. I don’t mean this in any bad way just really don’t think the ST option should have been removed.

Side by side examples

Just another example. It’s a constant flicker in depth and side to side. ( Those are not meant to be crosseyed views or anything just managed to catch some quick screenshots )
Here are some more stills

Sorry for so many examples but just hope you bring it back. I can’t show these 3D videos I made to anyone anymore. It just doesn’t do the tablet justice.


looks to still running with the 4v algorithm, need an option to toggle it to just stereo 3d.

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Hey @bombelkie, thanks for pointing out the bugs with 2D, I’ll have the team investigate it.

Stereo video should be totally unaffected. You can play back stereo video in both LeiaPlayer and LeiaStream for SBS content.

A view switcher like in LeiaPlayer was tested in LeiaPix but we have an even better solution for creators and viewers that will be coming with the next release. Try to stay patient! If you have any other problems, please reach out and we’ll see what we can do.


I believe in Leia and know that the team is always work to improve the AMAZING tablet, but just hope you bring back to ST option. It was definitely something that gave an awesome option to viewing 3D on the tablet quickly without running it through any other applications.

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I just switch the switch “Use advanced 3D Light field view switcher” now ST option is there. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:🤦

Wow I really need to read instructions more careful.:crazy_face: I feel Dumb…

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