MPO 3D pictures taken with my Evo3D phone showing each side a little too far apart

When I try to view the mpo pictures I took with my Evo 3D years ago. The two sides display just a little too far apart for my brain to combine them into one image. But the .jps pics I took with the same phone/camera work just fine.

How do I fix my mpo pictures so they work with the lume pad?

I was excited to go back and check out all the 3D pics and videos I took back then.

Hey @DevXen, I haven’t heard of this issue before.

So this occurs for ALL of your MPOs and is fine on ALL of your JPS images?

Do the MPOs look fine on other non-Evo 3D devices like VR headsets or 3D TVs?

Are you testing this in LeiaPlayer? What happens when you upload those images to LeiaPix?

If you edit the images in LeiaPlayer, are you able to adjust it and make it look correct?

Let me know so I can see if it’s a bug in the app or something happening on your end. Also, make sure that your apps are fully updated!

Yey thanks for getting back to me. I can’t remember if they worked on my 3D TV. It would of been years ago when I tried. But I probably wouldn’t of remembered if they didn’t look right on it. I’d guess.

I didn’t know I could edit them in leiaplsyer. I’ll try that.

I don’t have a lot of jps files cause at the time I read mpo was better as it was more widely adopted so I mostly stuck with that format. But the ones I did check seemed fine.

I can email you a couple pictures if you’d like to see how they look on your end?

Sounds good, send them over. Feel free to do so over direct message.

Ok I’ll send a couple when I get home from work In a few hours.

Okay. Sent.

Even my 3D mpo pictures taken with Fuji 3D W3 do not look quite good in LeiaPlayer. They look perfect on camera display and 3D TV, but on Lume Pad some parts of image are good and the rest of the image has some visible “ghosts”.

I haven’t tried my pics from my Fuji 3D camera yet. I should do that.

Most of my Fuji FinePix W3 pics look phenomenal on Lume Pad, but some (especially those with high disparity and high contrast simultaneously) do exhibit crosstalk. Lume Pad’s optics weren’t designed for stereo content originally, they were designed for Lightfield content. We only added the stereo functionality after tons of requests from legacy 3D device users.

If you’re seeing issues with content, one thing that’s always good to do is to run the files through auto-alignment in StereoPhoto Maker, which will tell you how much vertical and horizontal misalignment your content has. A lot of W3 cameras have misalignment issues.

Though the misalignment and other issues may not be visible on other systems, especially stereoscopes, VR headsets, and glasses-based 3D systems, they may be much more visible on Lume Pad due to it’s tighter tolerances for it’s view system, as it’s pushing stereo 2-view content through a Lightfield 4-view visual display system.

Our next devices have been designed to support stereo content from the start, so stereo content will look just as good as Lightfield content.


Many thanks, OK, will try to edit in SPM and we’ll see…