Moonlight3D has incorrect depth?

So, I’m going to struggle to describe this haha. Basically, Moonlight 3D seems to be doing this thing where when displaying SBS content, the center of the screen horizontally has the correct depth, but the top and bottom of the screen kind of bow inwards until they have no depth. It creates the effect that everything on the top and bottom is flatter than it should be. At least that’s what I’m thinking is happening.

Sort of like this?:

( )

I’ve tried using both Sunshine and the Nvidia streaming thing (forgot the name at the moment, but it’s the shield tablet thing) and they both do the same. I’ve only tried SBS YouTube videos and Citra so far, But they both have the same issue. All other Leia apps display fine though.

Hoping I can find a way to fix this, as Moonlight 3D was one of the main reasons I bought this tablet, and this is the only problem I’m really having. I love this thing so far, and it’s everything I wished the first Lume Pad was.


Could you take a screenshot of your PC screen and a photo of the screen of your Lume Pad 2?

The easy way I would test it on my end is to play back your screenshot locally on my Lume Pad 2 and also put it on my PC and stream it using Moonlight3D. This would help me understand what you’re talking about.

Sure! Should I take a pic of the Lume Pad with 3D enabled or diabled?

PC is set to 1920x1200 in the pictures, but happens with all(?) resolutions.

Ok so, crossing my eyes I don’t think it’s happening in the screenshot, just based on the logo. It doesn’t seem to be happening on the Lume Pad 2 when crossing my eyes either. Which means it’s happening only once I try to switch to 3D with 3 fingers(?). Since posting this I’ve tried dolphin in 3D, and same problem. I even factory reset my Lume Pad 2 and reinstalling the app. Like I said, I’ve tried Sunshine and Nvidia. I’ve tried multiple sources. I’ve tried multiple (a lot of) resolutions. I even tried broadcasting the image from a different monitor, as well as streaming from my Steam Deck to my Luke Pad 2. I’m completely lost as to what’s happening. It’s definitely not how it’s supposed to display, as I’ve seen the game on both 3DS and my PlayStation 3D Display a good chunk of times. Kind of upset.

Why don’t you try it in LeiaPlayer? I tried your screenshot, and it doesn’t have any issues on my end.

It’s weird because Dolphin and Citra and Tomb Raider and everything 3D on my PC that I’ve tried looks great on Lume Pad 2. No issues, no errors.

You should definitely try running the PC at 2560x1600 resolution when using Moonlight3D, and ensure your resolution is set correctly in the Moonlight3D app settings too. Let me know if that works for you.

Okay, so upon viewing it in Leiaplayer it’s still messed up in the same way as Moonlight 3D. Could this be a hardware issue then? Most 3D content (like for example LeiaViewer) display perfectly. Could something have gone wrong when I updated my Lume Pad 2?

Thank you by the way, I’m not used to getting this sort of support with products haha

That’s strange…I mean, I don’t see any issues in your screenshot of the tablet either. If there was some sort of warping, it should be visible in the photo you took too.

Yeah, I mean, if it affects all your apps, yes. But it’s not really likely that it would only affect some apps and not others, they all use the same display service and obviously on your device it’s the same screen and optics.

Do you wear glasses by any chance? Do you only see the warping when looking at the center of the screen, or can you clearly see it when looking in the top left or right corner like you mentioned? If you switch between your left and right eye, how do you see the image change?

I don’t wear glasses and the warping more-so happens with an entire horizontal strip on the bottom and one on the top. Like on the top and bottom of the display the 3D effect is greatly reduced, giving it the look that it’s bubbled out. When switching between eyes the bottom and top of the screen don’t seem to have anywhere near as much convergence (?)

Okay going through all the apps now, the only two apps that I see that don’t seem to have a problem as far as I can tell are LeiaViewer and the jakedowns build of Citra.

Not expecting a reply this late at night of course, but I’m starting to think this is something that can’t be fixed. At least not easily. I don’t know what to do because I can’t afford to replace this and I’m 100% confidence something is wrong. It’s like 4:00 a.m. here and I’m just really upset

I figured it out. It’s still not working, but covering the front cameras and quickly adjusting my position makes me realize the face tracking is way off.

Sorry for all the posts, but when you adjust your view so that the top and bottom are in focus, it defocuses the middle. I don’t understand why it’s doing this but yeah

If it’s defective you can just get a warranty replacement. Reach out to

It’s fine, the seller agreed to a refund despite initially refusing. Bought one on Amazon early yesterday after he said he would let me return it, and it doesn’t have the same problem. I appreciate the help.

I experience exactly the same since day one with images viewed on LeiaPlayer, exactly the same you describe it. I planned to address this issue before but hadn’t the time since I thought it would need some documentation to properly describe and visualize what I experience.
I took 2 photos with LeiaCam the first day I got the device and was kind of surprised that the proper 3d effect was only in a rather small part in the center, while the lower and upper part was rather squashed flat at the display plane with lots of crosstalk. I considered a faulty hardware BUT on the other hand the 3d effect and clarity was and is perfect and very enjoyable in LeiaViewer across the whole screen which kind of ruled out a faulty display.
Later I noticed that my photos and all preinstalled images which had the described issue in LeiaPlayer look perfectly fine in LeiaFrame with minimal crosstalk overall, so lower and upper screen part have great depth like you would expect plus the whole experience from a stereography perspective is more plausible and enjoyable since its less pushed into negative screen space (pop out).
For some reason LeiaPlayer is not able to deliver a clear 3d experience across the whole display the same way as LeiaFrame does so it would be interesting to know why both apps use a different render/display pipeline and I hope we can get to the bottom of this and fix the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please clarify, you got a new device which doesn’t show the issue?