Some 3D stills don't stay in stereo after I post them

A couple 3D stills I put on the 3D social site (which I took with my Fujifilm W3 a few years ago) change back to a 4v like-still when I look at them after I post them. Most don’t, just a few.

Wonder if others are having the same issue.

I wondered what would happen if I deleted the 2 pictures, and then just reposted them. It worked. They stay in stereo now. LOVE that update!


Hi Mike! Glad to hear you’re rockin and rollin with your photos in stereo! Let us know if you have any other questions! Also, since you’re posting to Leiapix, drop that username so we can follow along! :slight_smile:

  • Marlon (Community Manager)

Today I had to repost 4 of the 6 stills to keep them in stereo. It force-converts them into 4v, and they don’t look very good that way. Minor inconvenience.

Hey @InfernusMikey, this is news to us. When you select the Stereo 3D Flag during upload, it should appear in Stereo 3D to you and everyone else with the newest version of LeiaPix.

You’re uploading these images from an updated Lume Pad with the newest version of LeiaPix?

I tried to upload them before and after the update. The other day, when I had to repost 4 of the 6 stills in order to get them to stay in stereo, it was after the update. I can tell they are forcing to put them in 4v when I look at my site, because they look different than when they are showing them in stereo.

LOVE this tablet, though. It is all uphill from here!

Thanks for letting us know @InfernusMikey. This is definitely a bug and we’ll try to fix it. Could you possibly send me a private message with a LeiaPix link to an image you uploaded that’s for sure a stereo image but shows up with 4 views in the LeiaPix app?

I just uploaded 8 stereo views and 4 4v stills. The curious thing is they all uploaded perfectly…natch! IF one does that in the next few days, I’ll alert you to the problem.


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