Any issue on Leiapix server?

Today I have noted that newest posted picture is dated 2 days ago, and this looked strange to me. Hence I have tried to upload a picture, but didn’t appear in the newest list; checked on my account and it was there, but in a while it disappeared. This was on my H1, hence I logged with Lumepad but it is the same. Any issue?

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Thanks for letting us know, we’ll take a look.

why does leiapix server keep deleting my home made H4v images? yet they work well on my tablet, I can get much better macro images this way using depth map to generate the 4 views needed then put them into H4v format, it because that app and server only recognizes only tablet generated images? this does need to change so i can print some awesome images, please let me know if I have to include a depth map into the H4v image or will there be a app later ?? thankyou

Hi Danny,

I’m not exactly sure what’s causing the issue you mention.

What do you mean by H4V format? There are four formats currently supported by LeiaPix: LIF, SBS, MPO, and Quad Lightfield. When you say H4V I assume you either mean LIF or Quad Lightfield. What kind of homemade images are you making?

The LeiaPix server accepts a wide variety of images but does have some safety filters in place so people can’t upload images that could break the server, like pictures that are hundreds of megapixels or viruses. Depending on how you made the image, our server could incorrectly believe that your images pose a threat.

Please let us know more about your images and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.


Quad Lightfield images, 4 views

what i do is take macro shots with my Sony then sharpen with topaz, the export to jpg image then upload jpg to to generate a good depth map, then bring into photoshop to apply level to get good detail in light areas then say as jpg. then bring both color image and depthmap into StereoTracer to generate 4 views, then output 4 views to jpgs images then use stphmkrpro to make H4v photo then transfer to luma pad and i see the new micro image in H4v

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image are only 704kb

basically it’s a jpg image divide into 4 views 2 on top and 2 on bottom

@DannyBee Okay that makes sense, so you’re constructing Quad Lightfield images, aka 2x2.

And they look great in LeiaPlayer?

So what do you mean they disappear in LeiaPix? Are they being deleted from your profile?

only in that app not on my tablet

@DannyBee I don’t understand what you mean?

in the app leiapix it will delete it from my image I put into that app, it will show for a brief moment when I put into that app then it delete it from my photos in that app

like it will not except it

is ther a tag i should add? or does it have to be a certain size?

my tablet see it fine, and its no problem their

and yes leia player see it fine

Make sure that it’s properly tagged before posting. Should show _2x2.jpg at the end of the file name before it can be uploaded to LeiaPix.

LeiaPlayer identifies Quad Lightfield images for displaying in the app automatically, but depending on your settings it may or may not change the file name.

cool this was driving me mad, but sounds logical , thanks so much

nope did work add tag _2x2 to end still didn’t except it

Nope Didn’t work still rejected it