LeiaPix workflow question

If on my Mac I have an image, and a matching depth map, what is the process to publish one final image to LeiaPix? I am able to drag the two images into a Facebook post, and Facebook creates a 3D Photo from them. I’m not expecting anything quite that easy, but at the moment I can’t find any instructions on how to publish something, other than taking a new photo with my Lume Pad.

Although this question is originally relating to Leia Player, I thought I’d share [This Link].

Hopefully I’m not mistaken in believing the answer is relevant.

Thanks @nick.tester,

Hey @Colin, like Nick said, this is something we’re working on first party support for but don’t currently have an ETA for you.

You may be able to use the 3rd party apps StereoPhoto Maker or H4VApp to inject depth maps into a Leia Image Format image, but you should reach out to the creators of those apps for details.


I have an app that can combine an image an its depth map, but I would still not know how to get that into LeiaPix. Would I email myself the file and then retrieve it from the Lume Pad photos app?

Hey @Colin,

Sorry if it’s not clear, LeiaPix only supports three image types: SBS, Quad Lightfield, and Leia Image Format.

Of the three, only Leia Image Format supports disparity and depth maps.

You would need to inject that depth map into a Leia Image Format image for it to work properly on LeiaPix.

An easy way to tell if it worked is if you can see the image you created in 4V in LeiaPlayer.

For what I am trying at the moment, SBS would do. I still don’t see a way to get such an image into LeiaPix. I emailed the image and saved it, and also manually copied it to Pictures and Downloads, and the file is not seen. LeiaViewer lets me select the file, but the 2D to 3D conversion fails.

What are the steps to get a SBS image on your computer to appear as an image in LeiaPix?

What are the steps to get a SBS image on your computer to appear as an image in LeiaPix?

Ah! I see the issue now @Colin.

SBS images have to have their filename appended with “_2x1.jpg”, or the same with .png if it’s a PNG.

That’s how it communicates to Leia apps that it’s an SBS and not just a really wide 2D image haha

If your image is half-width, you do the same thing, except it’s “_half_2x1.jpg”.

Let me know if that works!

Thank you. I knew about special file names, but had not guessed those two options.

My (renamed) test: https://holopix.page.link/M8SX

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Turned out great! What did you make it in? We have SDK’s for Maya and Blender that can get you a native 4V image out of your models. We also have LeiaViewer, which can let you view models natively.

An easy way to get the models LeiaPix-ready in the future might be to just open the model up in LeiaViewer, take a screenshot, then crop out the LeiaViewer UI in LeiaPlayer. Upload straight from there.

There is a company called ROKR, who make these models that you construct out of flat pop out wooden pieces. I bought two of one of their train models, and fully built the first one, in the real world. Then I photographed each of the sheets, and modeled every piece of the puzzle in SketchUp. Then put the model together in SketchUp, following the original physical model instructions.

I am in conversations with others at Leia, about getting SketchUp working with Lume Pad as a second display, which would allow SketchUp users to immediately see a stereoscopic view of the model they are working on.

BTW, I work at SketchUp.


Very cool! I haven’t used SketchUp for years and years, but I was always stoked about how it ran so well on my underpowered MacBook Air.