LeiaFrame with fuji w3 .mpo ? not listed?

I can select .mpo files and display them in LeiaPlayer, but LeiaFrame will not show them when browsing for them to add to the play list.
this is the main reason i got the table is to have it as 3d photo frame.

One way I think you could get this to work would be to convert your mpo files in bulk to SBS format using Stereo Photo Maker software (which is free) and then use suffix “_2x1.jpg” to have these recognised by the Lume Pad.

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You can bulk add the suffix with some as well.

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Thanks for the replay,
Seems like a simple update as the main viewer has no issues listing and opening an .mpo
I hope this gets seen by the devs of leiaframe.
I’ll test the file name for now. Want to avoid unnecessary work if an update is around the corner.

Hey @acem77, due to changing business priorities, LeiaFrame has not been updated to support MPO yet. The only apps that do so far are LeiaPlayer and LeiaPix.

Ok seems like an easy to implement solution as we see it working with the other apps.
would be nice to see some other options with in the leiaframe.
any way to work on beta testing or feedback.

We hear you and the MPO feature will come eventually when we update LeiaFrame. However we are in tune with what our users ask for, so the software team generally works on the thing people want most. For example, viewing YouTube videos in Lightfield was one of the most highly requested features, so the software team was working hard to deliver LeiaTube.

For now, the simple solution is just convert from the MPO format to SBS, then the content will work perfectly.


Thanks ill wait for the update. I have many mpo pics and value my time.