New User questions about LeiaFrame

Hello crew. I was lucky to score a LumePad during this past Prime day and have been playing around with it since Saturday.

I have a couple of questions and maybe suggestions for LeiaFrame that I hope can be addressed.

Is there any way to read MPO files with this app? MPO is basically the industry standard for stereoscopic images and was very surprised to see it’s not supported.

When using standard SBS image pairs, is the app actually using both sides when displaying in 3D? I created a test image as a SBS pair with a big L on the left and a big R on the right and when I view in in the LeiaFrame app, it only shows the left side as a conversion. The file is tagged with the _2x1 tag.

Is there a way to add an entire “Album” or folder at once? Inside the album they seemed to be tagged by the day they were copied over and you can choose them that way, but the whole folder would make more sense.

Is there a way to remove all the images in the queue? It seems you have to select them one at a time, hardly ideal.